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Fiesta Online

Fiesta Online

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  PHOENIX (AP)
Developer:  PHOENIX (AP)

Fiesta Online is a free to play MMORPG that is published by multiple publishers including Outspark, Gamigo, GameNGame, and many others. The game has a well structured storyline, and class-oriented growth mode. It is also being developed for web browsers with no download required.


In the Old Testament, there is a household story that narrates the little shepherd David defeats armored giant Goliath with a stone. David wins thanks to the suitable tactics he uses; but what’s more important, he wins because of his courage and faith. Faith generates miracle beyond imagination. It is based on such an ideology that online game of Fiesta introduces us into the Land of Isya.

Fiesta is set in a mythological back story, in which the Land of Isya and its guarding goddess Teva are both created by a more powerful god named Legal, who always gifts his creation with temporary life and destroy them with exception when time expires. When it comes to the end day for the Land of Isya, Teva defies Legal’s will in order to protect living creatures on the land, and finally wins out the All Mighty with faith and hope.

Against such a fantasy setting, Fiesta, a MMORPG developed by Korea-based Onson Soft, will present an anime-styled in-game world for players to experience a lovely and lively journey. In-game graphics are fresh and delightful on the whole.

From the idyllic villages in the background to characters, pets and monsters in the fore-ground, all is beaming with youthful vitality and innocence pleasant to both eyes and minds. And in such a cartoon world, players will take up roles of little heroes to conduct various activities, such as hunting and slaying mobs to upgrade and accomplish profession-switching to become stronger. And in the game, players can choose from five types of professions, namely, Fighter, Cleric, Archer, Mage and Trickster, each endowed with differentiated skills of attack, defense, agility and magic, which will offer cutting edges in different battlefields from melee to ranged combats.

Beside the typical level-grinding via various quests and missions, this game also adds a series of auxiliary systems to allow players socialize, collect items, raise pets, manage mini-estates, play casual games, trade in auction house, and so on. Take its communication system for example. It is centered Party Play, in which players can interact with one another by joining guilds and participating in GvG combats, or keep close ties with each other by dabbling in marriage and sacrifice systems.

Fiesta Online is a casual game that is able to filter bitterness away and keep sweetness for players. It will do no harm for grown-ups to relish the cartoon world temporarily. Moreover, in Fiesta, one does not just watch it, but play it by oneself.

Official websites: OutSpark http://fiesta.outspark.com/

Gamigo: http://fiesta-online.gamigo.com/

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