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Fiesta Social

Fiesta Social

Release Date:  19/04/2012
Publisher:  Outspark
Developer:  OnsOn Soft, SpawnApps
Genre:  Facebook, MMORPG

Fiesta Social, developed by Ons On Soft and Spawnapps and published by Outspark, is a 3D real-time fantasy RPG on Facebook based on once popular client-based MMORPG Fiesta Online.


If you’re curious whether the game is fun or not, I’d suggest you resort to reviews of Fiesta Online, and the answer is probably yes, because like most of its client-turned web browser peers, Fiesta Social inherits everything from its original client based version, from basic operations, graphics, interfaces and panels, animation and music, to classes, quests, items and special systems, and even the tedious part of the settings.

The game is second to none in terms of graphics among all the Facebook MMORPGs, with its magnificent rotatable 3D effect, brightly colored exotic landscapes and cartoon style character appearance. The tutorial and novice quest boast detailed instructions, useful tips, and clearly marked directions. Character action, mob fighting and skill casting etc, all work smoothly with WASD movement, shortcuts key and mouse-control camera view. I can hardly imagine it is a web-browser game adapted from a MMO first released 5 years ago. If anything, the terrible word division in the dialogs is annoying. The poorly proofread texts tarnish the high-quality game technology and design.

Despite the name “Fiesta Social”, I didn’t spot any Social elements in the game apart from the traditional Friend, Guild and Marriage systems, which every single MMORPG nowadays possesses, client or web-browser based (unless you think “Hi, I’m playing Fiesta Social” on your wall is social). With the subhead called Social, you’d expect it to be more integrated with Facebook, like EA’s successfully adapted the Sim Social.

Though Outspark claims that the original Fiesta Online has attracted more than 10 million registered users and 600,000 Facebook fans, the novice village of its fellow Facebook version looks like a ghost city more or less, with only me, NPC villagers and animals wandering about. I didn’t run into a single newbie or spot any world channel chat under after 5 levels and finishing 7 novice quests, and was hastily asked to join them in the novice instance. 3 days after the launch of open beta, and already no newbie coming? Outspark’s marketing and promotion might not kick off in full swing yet, but will loyal Fiesta Online players give up their established characters, fame and connections in the solid stable client to start all over again in constantly frozen browser? Will CityVille and Texas HoldEm addicts find the complicated time-consuming MMORPG appealing?

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