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Fiesta Social Preview

Sara Lau
Apr 25,2012  02:04 by

Outspark has just launched a full 3D MMORPG named Fiesta Social on Facebook. The game actually is the cloned version of the client-based game Fiesta Online, which was firstly introduced in 2007. Fortunately, the producer saw the great potential for browser games and their decision to port it to Facebook makes players enjoy a true synchronous gaming world in browser. Generally, Fiesta Social is a typical Korean-style MMO. So if you are the sort of players and would like to play games in your browser during TV commercials, then you may give up playing this game.

As an old school MMORPG, the game does not boast much in the way of stunning graphics, and is not a very spectacular example among games of this genre. But I am still in awe of their excellent work on fully integrating a client-based MMO into the browser. The graphics of the game probably is one of the reasons making young audience decide to play. The Korean-style anime theme makes it very vibrant and colorful. The detailed beginner guidebook in the game makes the game more newbie friendly. It covers all the game mechanism from the basic ingame navigation, like key board control using WASD to move or mouse point-and-click, to more advanced game mechanism like item-crafting system. The quest tracker will also automatically move your character to the correct NPC or monster spawn location.

There are totally 5 classes in the world of Fiesta Social, and each class enables you to promote into extra two advanced job titles, when you reach a certain level and accomplish corresponding promotion quests. Apart from the “active” and “passive” skills that are used during the combats, there are “Alchemy”skills allowing you to craft new items: some are helpful to enhance your characters and others can earn you profit by selling them in a good price. For example, Alchemy skills allow you to create enhancement stones for your gears, one-time-use scrolls that give you different buffs, or potions that heal your HP or SP.

The in-game wedding systems are not new to the recent MMORPGs. But the original Fiesta Online was among the earliest games that incorporated this feature, and it was also the most anticipated feature that players wished to come out after game upgrades. Special rewards like unique items and buffs will be applied to the wedding couple after the ceremony and the teleport skill allows couples to freely warp to each other side.

Estate system is a new feature making the game a bit different from others. When you hit Level 10 and complete a prerequisite quest, you can access your own little space. Your estate can be furnished and decorated and you can hold a house party with friends ingame.

Currently Fiesta Social is still in beta, so inevitably there will be some mistakes. Firstly, it’s a web browser game, so many players will play the game on a low end laptop. For example, I ran the game using my core i3-2310M laptop with integrated graphics card, I played the game in windowed-mode and the windows desktop display resolution was set to its maximum, which is 1366×768. Then I found that the game did not fit properly in the Facebook page. I can not see the right hand portion and the bottom potion of the screen, which means I can not see the mini-map and check with the skill hotkey slots. A more annoying issue was that, I always got stuck at the loading screens when I tried to use warp gate to transfer to other areas. So I had to waste another few minutes to log out and relogin.

Overall, Fiesta Social is not really a casual Facebook game. It was originally a client-based game and was just ported to Facebook platform without any change. The game is newbie-friendly and there is clearly some depth to be explored. But there are clearly some known issues which need to be solved and currently there aren’t many active players in the game. So I suggest you proceed with caution.

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  1. IMxsOnx says:

    I just can't wait, i played Fiesta Online before. i think im going to play this in Facebook.

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