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Final Eden

Final Eden

Release Date:  Feb 21, 2012
Publisher:  Kabam
Developer:  Kabam
Genre:  Strategy

Final Eden is a browser-based strategy warfare game where players should thrive their base on the ruins of devastating old republic by constructing defense facilities, collecting valuable resources, as well as attacking invaders.

Based on the EdgeWorld‘s program, which has widely been used in Kabam’s games, Final Eden recreates a storyline and a set of artwork suitable for the background story taking place after the End of World on December 21, 2012.


Most games cannot be displayed in full screen the moment when the initial loading commences. Luckily, Final Eden does a decent job in delivering an option to toggle into Fullscreen mode even before the game starts. But when I zoom out the page, the loading bar and part of the graphics was missing. I couldn’t help asking myself: what the hell? Of course, as always, the only way to have everything in your view is to enable the fullscreen mode.

An experienced war-themed strategy gamer can pretty much predict what he or she is going to do in Final Eden once entering the game. In a post-apocalyptic world, players ought to build barracks and garrisons, construct facilities that offer food, coal and steel, upgrade every building to enlarge storage capacity and enable higher military performance, and conduct researches for improvement in military technology and power. All those are common in strategy games. And I was a little bored and disappointed at first. But the more I play this game, the more fun I have.

Generally speaking, good strategy games boast exciting battle experience or uniquely demanding strategy requirements in managing one’s own village, town, city, base, or even kingdom. Final Eden not only features both but also combines those two elements in such a way that you can never come up with the best strategy to develop and fortify your territory as well as prevent yourself from being devastatingly attacked if you don’t participate in battles and learn lessons from those battles. For instance, the soldiers are safe as long as they are distant from the gun turrets, grenade launchers, or any other defending facilities in the target base. Each of such facilities has a limited fire range beyond which an attacker can do whatever he or she wants. Hence, I landed my soldiers at distant spots to attack the base. Afterwards, when I conducted constructions and upgrades in my base, I suddenly realized that the defending stuff has its fire range and naturally cannot protect anything that is out of the reach, such buildings are at risk of being destroyed immediately whenever an enemy draws near. I move such buildings near the gun turrets and grenade launchers. In this way, all my buildings are under protections and none shall come and cause any damages on my base before they got shot themselves.

Intense interconnection also exists when you manage your own base. Believe it or not, this is the first time that I’ve addicted to constructing and upgrading certain items before I accept particular quests. For example, I build a third gun turret and a grenade launcher myself without being informed, effectively forming a protection against attacks from all directions. There are times when I build or upgrade something as required to further develop researches as well as advancing military power. For example, I set up a greenhouse that produces food so as to upgrade my command center; I built a fuel station to make use of my excessive coal; I created a storage depot to store my abundant steel and food. The game flows fluently and naturally and you just feel obliged to do those stuffs, whether or not you will be rewarded with anything. Lucky for me, those did not pose any problems such as resource shortages that players frequently run into in so many strategy games out there.


Though shining with its constantly involving gameplay, natural progression, and refreshing music, Final Eden is not perfect either. The initial loading takes long time and I really believed it would not take longer to download if this is a client-based game. Every time I enter this game, there is a dialog box promoting purchasable items for beginners. The quests sometimes do not specify every important detail and I have to figure it out through trial and error. Only one building team is available, which means that construction and upgrade can only be conducted one by one-some facilities only require one minute or so to set up or upgrade but others need hours, which absolutely adds the long waiting annoyance to the game. Exclamation marks appear above greenhouse, fuel station, coal mine, and foundry when you are expected to collect resources but some of those marks are too far away from the very objects they refer to that I kept checking irrelevant buildings to see if there is anything I should do. But, with all those disappointments, I still find it difficult to hate, to deny, or most importantly, to quit Final Eden.

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  1. paul says:

    sorry to say it no longer exist's but indeed was an awsome game

  2. PrecupanuIulian29 says:


  3. Syatrian_4 says:

    Seriously awesome game.. shit cant play it anymore..

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