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Final Eden Preview

Sara Lau
May 4,2012  02:05 by

Final Eden is Kabam’s newest real-time strategy game in which players can gather resources, research technology, recruit soldiers, attack enemies and defending your own base. The game storyline is based on a fictional post- apocalyptic world set after a solar radiation disaster. Survivors of the disasters have been split into 3 major gangs fighting for total domination of this world.

You have a 3 day grace period before you will be attacked so you have some time to get your economic running. You will start with your command center plus a big empty plot of base area where you can freely place your buildings. There’s a short tutorial getting you to build some basic buildings. Resources are divided into four categories and each comes from its own corresponding resource-yielding building. Resource buildings can temporarily hold them for you but it will stop producing if you do not click to bank them. Higher levels of your command center will enable you to build more resource buildings, so that you will later need to build a storage depot to hold more resources. A strong base needs strong defensive buildings. So your next priority is to build the maximum amount of turrets and upgrade them to their level cap available for your current command center level. You can start building some gun turrets and placing them at the corners outside of the resource buildings and command center in order to protect them during an attack.

In Final Eden, you don’t have any “energy” points or similar restrictions to deal with, so you can bank resources from any number of buildings at the same time without worrying about the consumption of energy points. But the game only allows you to build or upgrade one building at a time and there are not any queue options for buildings. Besides, some other restrictions are put on the number of times that players are allowed to attack others per day: in the game, the “Helipad” uses drop charges to directly transport your units to the battle ground. Charges refuel over times, indicating how often you can attack others. It can also be upgraded to increase the drop capacity, which determines how many units you can deploy in an attack. To attack an opponent, you need to choose a target from the potential enemy list, in which they are sorted by levels. You choose “scout” to spy on your enemy and then you will be taken to the enemy base. You need to obviously look at the yard of the person you will attack: look at the tower arrangement, and more important, look at the resource buildings and storage depots. Because the more you destroy, the more resources you can loot. You send a unit to battle by clicking on its corresponding portrait, there is a figure alongside the portrait showing how many remaining troops are available. Once you get your troops loaded, you can choose a landing zone to air-drop your troops.

Of course you don’t need to fill your drop capacity completely. Instead you can coordinate attacks by sending waves after waves of your men. Units will attack the nearest structure until they are fired upon. They will then move and fire on that turret until being destroyed. A slight shift in marking the landing zone can cause units to move in a different direction.

It will take an extremely long time to wait for a building finishing constructing. For example, I just need 1 hour to upgrade the “armory” from lv1 to lv2. However, it takes 1 day to upgrade it to level 3 and 2 days are required to upgrade to lv4. So it is very stressing that I can just click on “upgrade” on my armory then come back 2 days later while there is not much to do during the intervening 48 hours. Also there are some serious balances issues with it: some turrets are far too powerful to be assaulted head-on, so I can even hardly attack a much weaker player, not to mentions those that are roughly equal to me.

Final Eden is a good game, but just like I said, I’m just concerned about some balance issues, which may turn away veteran RTS players.

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