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Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy V

Release Date:  March 28, 2013
Publisher:  SQUARE ENIX
Developer:  SQUARE ENIX
Genre:  RPG

Final Fantasy V iOS is a RPG available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Based upon Final Fantasy V, the 1992 classic RPG game originally available on Super Nintendo Entertainment System, this new game immerses the player in the adventure of Bartz and his party in a world full of danger and mysteries.


It all starts from the departure of King of Tycoon for inspecting the reason behind the gradually stopping wind, which leaves Lenna, the princess, in great worries. But the game isn’t about this beautiful princess. It revolves around Bartz, a traveler who rides on a parrot named Chocobo. During the adventure, the protagonist will run into Lenna, Galuf and other characters, and establish solid friendship with them  to battle goblins, phoenix, snakes, and many other monsters.

Final Fantasy V for iOS comes with no quest system, but is intensely story-driven. Players move characters around, claim treasure chests they happen to discover, battle monsters standing in their way, and enter whatever accessible places they could find. Along the way, they converse with NPCs, investigate unknown objects and most importantly, follow the story and unearth the truth.

The story-driven adventure isn’t the only familiar content in this new Final Fantasy installment, which also manages to revive some elements in Final Fantasy V.  The characters and environments are still based on the retro style pixel art and can be viewed in a top-down perspective.

Embracing the iOS platform, the game allows for a joystick control with which players can move the characters no matter where their fingers are touching the screen. And the pixel characters who were previously hardly recognizable appear as beautiful and detailed.

Combat works in a turn-based manner, and players tap buttons to decide the specific action and targets for each character in each turn. As players defeat monsters and progress, their characters could take different jobs and acquire job- or class-specific skills, wear on advanced gear and unleash different attacks in the battles.

With a familiar gameplay, gripping story and challenging adventure, Final Fantasy V for iOS holds enough appeal to gather a large community. But there are some glitches that may affect the experience at times. Whenever players would like to talk with someone else, check what’s inside a chest, or enter a cave, they will have to slide several times before they arrive at the right tiny spot.

Once players start a new game, they would have to go through the unskippable lead-in video one more time. And the omnipresent conversations interrupt the gaming process frequently and they cannot be skipped, either. Not that those conversations were boring. It’s just that they take place too often and too much from beginning to end.

Offering something old and classic on a new platform is always a brilliant idea. But a lot of work needs to be done before that idea is materialized perfectly. Final Fantasy V for iOS is charming in visual designs, but overal experience will soon become grinding.

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