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Firefly Universe Online

Firefly Universe Online

Release Date:  2012 and beyond
Developer:  DarkCryo
Genre:  Action, Sci-fi

Firefly Universe Online is a Sci-fi MMORPG that draws inspiration from television series Firefly and its related releases. The game was originally developed by Fox and Multiverse, but DarkCryo entertainment secured the rights to contitue developing it for both PC and Mac.

In Firefly Universe Online, there will be three factions available; Browncoats, Reavers, and the Alliance. But the dev team also disclosed that they may update more factions in the future development.

Not only does Firefly Universe Online offer an interactive PvE environment where players can explore the aventures via spaceship, but also it supports intense PVP gameplay, which, according to DarkCryo, will not affect the game balance.

For sensationalization, most of upcoming MMORPGs has been raised into World of Warcraft level, and more often than not, become a failure. On its official website, the team behind Firefly Universe Online also mentioned the similarity between WOW and FUO. However, FUO will not confine itself into the mechanics of tedious grinding and questing, but convince players with A.I Gunplay and fast-paced action.

So far, there have been no substantial details that we want to know like Game Engine, Style, free to play or pay to play, system requirement. Once we’ve got the updates, we will update it on our website.

Official website: http://fireflyuniverseonline.com/

5 Comments on Firefly Universe Online


  1. Onix Coldstone says:

    Love the show and hope the game is as well done.

  2. Cipelli says:

    They haven't secured the rights yet, but apparently are trying to work with Fox to see what they can do.

  3. "Hard" Case says:

    With the 'verse it's set in and the attitude/work ethic of the dev team FUO is on track to become the MMO I've always wished existed.
    DarkCryo is firing up an indiegogo campaign on 1/21 to get her on the fast track. I'm not associated with DC in any way, except being really impressed with everything they're doing on this title but I would encourage you to hit the official web site link above and check it out for yourself.
    Stay Shiny!

  4. Erik Christensen says:

    Sucks that they killed this

    Fuck Fox

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