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Fishing Stars

Fishing Stars

Release Date:  June 20, 2012
Publisher:  6Waves
Developer:  Sharkius Games
Genre:  Simulation

Fishing Stars is a fun Facebook-based fishing social game where players need to catch fish of various types, try to earn as much money as possible by selling fish they catch. Manage your aquarium and use tiny monster bait to catch Gaga Fin.


Looking for a fishing experience simply decorated with equipment updating and fish selling? You might try Go Fishing as well. But if you are ready to explore all the entertainment and fun that only comprehensive fishing experience can provide, you’d better play Fishing Stars.

The fishing itself is pretty much the same as Go Fishing features. Click Cast and then Pull, hold and release Pull, and keep the line inside the orange zone to catch the fish. The difference lies in the casting. In Go Fishing, you just click the Cast button and you will only place the bait the same spot every time as long as you are still in the same area. But in Fishing Stars, you could adjust the aiming. Some parts of the water are sparkly occasionally, which indicates that if you cast your bait into those places, there are chances that you obtain better rewards after successful catches.

Those catches can be kept in your tank or be sold right away after being caught. The aquarium, however, can only hold a maximum of five fishes regardless of their weights. Once reaching that limit, you have to spend 15 pearls for an extra fish space or to make room by selling your other fishes. The fishes take hilarious and unique looks. Some look like bunnies, cats, supermen or even Barrack Obama. And the beauty of this game is to have varieties of those creatures in the tank and watch, feed, and obtain coins from them.

As is known to all, fishing seldom roses all the way. You have to clear the area of noisy surfers and yachts where bunches of people are having parties; otherwise they may scare fishes away. Don’t hesitate to cast stones or even open fire at them when any of those people come into view. There is also this Kraken which presents itself once in a while and attempts to destroy your boat. To avoid being interrupted in the game, you have to click on Kraken’s tentacles to kick him away.

Anyway, Fishing Stars is fantastic, though not realistic enough. It offers enough fun for players to ignore simplicity in animations.

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