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Five Browser MMORPGs Using the Same Template

Sara Lau
Jul 30,2012  02:07 by

Familiar gameplay and console controls adopted in new games make it easier to get started. But they can also cause problems. Since everything becomes predictable and anything you encounter recurs, the fun and excitement that the games should provide might dwindle to nothing.

Nonetheless, that is exactly what some Chinese developers manage to offer in the recently released Crystal Saga, Soul of Guardian, Lost of Legend, Odin Quest and Mythic Saga.

Although slightly different in some respects, those games pit players in the same experience. They all quest players with running errands around and between several areas while occasionally offering the opportunity to explore dungeons filled with ferocious monsters and enemies. And basically whatever you may run across or experience in any of those games, you might be able to discover it in the other three.

Several classes are available from the get-go. With your character rises in level and experience, you would be able to gradually open up new skills specific to your character’s class. The armors and weapons you obtain are also class-specific. But that is all. The gaming experiences of different classes would not be much different.

There is a mission panel on the right that helps you to track the quests. Click underlined objects or targets and you will have you character head towards the destination directly. That is why there are so many worlds in each of the games and you can still find you way. But the auto navigating system has its shortcomings: you have to keep one eye on the avatar or it would end up in battles with random enemies it comes across on the way. However, in the dungeons, the automatic navigation would be disabled and you always have to find the way yourself and battle the enemies and the Bosses, may it be an ancient Chinese emperor or a large monster.

And safety is not guaranteed. Players are asked to kill dozens, or even hundreds of specified enemies. Those creatures would not attack you unless offended. Of course, the combats could be automatic and you are allowed to set in advance what drops to pick up, which skills to unleash, and in what circumstances the HP medicines should be used.

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Take it easy! You are not alone in the combats. A pet or a pot would accompany you and attack your enemy. They accumulate experience in battles and level up with you. Also you will obtain a flying stone, a deer, a wolf, or a turtle as the mount and travel around on them.

You gain huge amounts of experience and then you would be able to upgrade your character. At first, that is unbelievably easy. Actually, it is even possible to level up each time you complete a task. You might reach level 16 or level 20 before you even notice it.

The four games flood players’ bags with gifts of all varieties. Daily login rewards? Check. Online rewards? Check. Let alone the weapons, armors and materials granted after you complete tasks. Anyway, it won’t be long before your backpack is full and new items could not be accepted until you make room for them. That is to say, you will have to dispose of the redundant ones and since some of them are bound to your character and could not be sold, you have to abandon them. As you progress in the games, you would now and then have to clear the bag and make space.

Characters need a rest sometimes. If you are low in HP values, you don’t have to be a priest who can heal. Just sit down, meditate or start training, and you will have full recovery or even gain some EXP after some time.

Crystal Saga, Soul of Guardian, Odin Quest, Mythic Saga and Lost of Legend share so much in common in terms of controls, mount, mission tracking, and gameplay that players might be unable to tell the difference between them. And I really don’t understand why the developers bother to make so many titles when one would be enough to satisfy us in the first place? Why not just make one and make it better and better?

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    I'm sick on this games…

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