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Fly for Fun

Fly for Fun

Release Date:  2006
Publisher:  gpotato
Developer:  Gala Lab
Genre:  MMORPG

Fly for Fun (Often abbreviated as Flyff) is a free to play Fantasy MMORPG developed by Korea-based Gala Lab (formerly Aeonsoft & nFlavor). The game is characterized by comic-like graphics, and flying system. It was firstly released in late 2005. Later, it was published by several publishers for different coutries and regions, including gPotato, Mail.Ru Games, Level-up Games and etc.

An essential element that is implemented in Flyff should be a credit to its aircrafts such as brooms or flight surfboards, by which players are able to enjoy a faster and safe movement through the game world. And it can be acquired when players reach level 20.

The game providers gain revenue through the sales of so-called Items (Cash Shop), which you can buy his or her character.


As more and more MMORPGs are adopting the Free to Play business model, we may have less chance to fight against behemoths like that in World of Warcraft. More often than not, we are forced to visit the item shops so as to get some useful items and ensure our survival. And Fly for Fun (Flyff for short) is, in essence, such a free MMO.

Our first concern about this MMO is that whether there will be an excessive amount of monster-slaying to make us gradually lose interest. It is well known that Asian MMOs typically consist of a large chain of monster eradication to the extent that players get bored even during initial thirty seconds. We hardly have time to get prepared before we are sent out to fend off a formidable monster outside the Capital city. Some may criticize Flyff for lack of background history, but it has a very brief storyline that can be found from the main menu of the game: An epic war between the Clowns and the Gods exploded, giving rise to a world full of naive, fanciful and delusional people. The manga-style race takes delight in slaying monsters and battling enemies.

To my mind, the success of Flyff should be partly attributed to its cartoony visual style which can compete against that of Wakfu, Luvinia and Eden Eternal. The game is technically perfected with an attractive graphics. Leaving temporarily aside the gloomy scenarios and the showers of blood, you can pleasantly bask in the magical yet sweet environments, to the accompaniment of ethereal background music. As a free game, Flyff is really a worthy game with entirely convincing quality. We are also able to immerse ourselves in a variety of beautiful sceneries because Flyff depicts the alternation of day and night as well as the change of four seasons.

When it comes to the character creation, we are only given a limited selection of options to personify our avatar, including the gender and the hairstyle. Fortunately, a large number of different devices can be quickly earned to make our character stand out from the rest. And it is also possible to visit the in-game Cash Shop and purchase advanced items.

Another strong point of Flyff lies in its high accessibility. It takes only a few minutes to log into the interface, join in a few combat and ascend to a new level. And the gameplay proves so effective and addictive that you can not refrain from delving deeper in the fantasy world. But the higher you are in rank, the longer it will take to level up. Though the quests may grow increasingly demanding, you will still find it captivating. And the system of character development will inevitably evoke our memory of Ragnarok Online: Vagabond. Starting from level 15, you choose one class from four options, including Mercenary, Magician, Acrobat and Sidekick, all of which are very common archetypes in the genre. Having reached level 60, you can opt for a subclass. For example, a magician can slip into the role of either an elementalist or a sorcerer.

The combat system of Flyff is simple but compelling, though it perhaps lacks a bit of long-term motivation. Depending on what kind of weapon your character is equipped, he or she will have a different set of basic attacks. And your avatar also possesses competencies (skills) that are specific to his or her class. These skills can be used one after the other through the action slot. Besides, you are also allowed to develop some combos of skills via the touch of a button. To optimize the ratio of playing time and experience points, we should spare no efforts to find the most appropriate combination of attacks and spells.

Flyff’s game environment can be compared to a messy “monster park”, and it is kind of lengthy to level up when you are in higher rank. All of them tend to discourage its fans and users at first sight. But the game adds a well-thought-out group system to enrich your gaming experience. When your group increases in level, all members will be rewarded with bonuses.

In addition to the possibility of joining a group, you are also provided with freedom to take part in a guild or establish one of your own. Each guild can declare open wars against another faction. At the critical moment, all members are encouraged to foray into the extensive battleground and fight for the success of their side. And if you are grasped by some kind of murderous impulses, you can set foot on the arena and participate in some intense PvP battles.

Furthermore, Flyff’s gameplay is further expanded by adding some additional content. For example, the first extension called “Renaissance” enables you to start off an adventurous journey with the company of a small animal that can provide necessary support and extra bonuses to you. However, it is unfortunately very difficult to maintain a vantage point without using the Cash Shop.

As for the quests, you will sometimes get bored in the initial phase because there are not so many loots to collect in wilderness. Sometimes, you probably even be tempted to run away from a group of monsters without finishing the quest related to them.

To renew the life of your avatar, you can resort to some quest items and other objects with mana, such as ice lollies and magic juice. And different classes have access to different items. Each level will also unlock new specific objects, so you will be blessed with a train of surprises along the way. If you are not interested in an object on the ground, it will probably be swallowed by a monster that is accidently passing by. Another ingenious idea is that some equipment can be “awakened” with the prospect of revealing many hidden bonuses, but it is also likely to bring some unexpected penalties! Flyff also incorporates a crafting system that allows you to improve your weapons and armors, but it may come at a high price and lead to an uncertain outcome, unless you visit the Cash Shop from time to time. It is also possible to open a shop, host an auction fair and sell unwanted wares to the most generous bidder.

Thanks to its active community, you can quickly form a team to enter into the game world. Many activities will be held regularly in Flyff, making your journey eventful and compelling. In sum, despite basic gameplay, this MMO consists of so numerous features that we almost forget to mention the most important key word, the flight. As the name suggests, flying will be the main focus of this game. The world of Madrigal is divided into several islands, namely, Flares, Saint Morning, Darkon and Death Island. Scrolls of teleportation make it possible to travel from one location to the other, which reminds us of the Fourth Prophecy in WoW. When you have reached level 20, you will be able to lay hands on a new mode of transportation, that is, a flying mount. There are, in fact, various objects that can be unlocked in the following quests, like a carpet and a hoverboard, all of which can help you move faster, fight monsters, and most importantly, fly from island to island. Generally speaking, this game is a perfect choice for those who do not want to pay a monthly subscription.


Thanks to the 3D engine, Flyff boasts a very decent visual style which is reminiscent of World of Warcraft and Dofus in terms of character design.


As we enter into the game, we may be first struck by its intuitive menu. The gameplay is simple to grasp, creating a positive impression among players. Most quests can be finished within a short time, but it poses a significant challenge to advance a character. If you are looking forward to achieving some great feats, you’d better get well prepared and make unceasing efforts.


It is a great challenge to reach level 120. Only the most persistent players can gain the ultimate success. But at the same time, Flyff has alternative content in store, so you don’t have to succumb to the tremendous obstacles ahead.


Music is an integral part of all online games. A nice soundtrack will largely boost up your playing pleasure. In this regard, the music of Flyff fits perfectly to the ongoing activities in the fantasy world.


The background story of Fly for Fun is very brief and simple, so it fails to produce a feeling of deep immersion among its gamers from the start.


Given the fact that Fly for Fun is a free-to-play game, its quality is certainly worth mentioning, and it expands its basic principle with a variety of good ideas which are pretty innovative and downright refreshing. But undoubtedly, it is hard to win in this game, so we are wondering about whether the game will be a huge success and attract a large number of fans in the future.

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    Great Game, Grind fest though 😛

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