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Flying Kingdoms

Flying Kingdoms

Release Date:  March 2012
Publisher:  Vostu
Developer:  Vostu
Genre:  Social, Adventure

Flying Kingdoms is a social game by Vostu. Like Zynga’s CastleVille, the game allows Facebook users to manage their own kingdom, produce energy, learn abilities from tutor –Both of the murderers and sufferers are waiting in the dark.


Flying Kingdoms is a Facebook casual game that indulges you with 3 to 4 hours non-stop success for the first contact and half an hour of clicking each day following that. Such mechanics features enemies frightening in appearance and quantity, but with little damage resistance and never attack first. Safety of the flying empire, welfare of the villagers, dignity of the race as well as all imaginable grand or tiny good deeds are dying to make you shine like the sun, the moon, the god! All businesses can take care of themselves with a drop in visit from you when you remember it. The break period for replenish is not so annoying, just making fruits and victories more believable—waiting is earning!

Of course, to inspire favorable feelings from gamers, such businesses are 100% primary pollution-free industries like building straw-capped stone cottage, collecting and processing wood, planting wheat, feeding white chicks, cows, horses from stone feeders and making simple tools for mending broken bridges that are all over the intruded land but always in your way to clear away enemies (of the humble earth empire).

Something makes this game properly different. It takes me more than one thought to make clear what’s different just graphically. Well, the map may be tightly packed with details, but not an inch of the ground is naked with soil (except agricultural slots) and no sign of dust or smog vanishing in the air for you to help digest. The paved floors have weeds spurting out from between the grids. The map is in darkness a first, to be pushed wider bit by bit with your steps. Some part of the destination region is light up hinting how to get there. You can’t reach what you are not qualified for; you see what you must. Stretch the map with your steps, find keys to unlock prisoners, take enough tools for broken bridges, destroy barriers to change enemy’s flag for that of your own race–Success is just like in reality, made up of a ruined dream with its pieces dotting a sharp zigzag course.

Magic that has awed us in our childhood is emphasized besides the pure violence and hatred that has oriented the story of many such games. A witch turned men into pigs by selling apples to them. With clicks from me, heroism is added to rewrite the romance and tragedy of snow white. But there are two kinds of quests really annoying. One is that requires friends or neighbors, at least 4 or 5 of them, limited to those playing. I don’t think anyone can make it except president of the country. The other is helping others with homework, like fetching water from well and feed it to horses and no reason is given why the host leaves these to me—must I feel grateful that I got the chance to witness what’s a well and what’s a horse feeder? Yes, I did, but not to the extent to help at the cost of my mana, the first expensive energy in the game.

As I mentioned above, mana is your first concern with the game. But Flying Kingdoms has improved its use-and-supply balance to near perfect by using energy for domestic activities, mana for outside ones (more interesting ones like killing or salvation) and offering a potion factory to produce 2 mana per 15 minutes to added to the mana you earned by waiting.

If there’s a third nasty quest, it should be collecting flowers from bush. I have to wait 3 hours to collect the rest 2 flowers. I am running short of exploration chances now with 2 friend-related quests and one long collecting quest. Such moments are meant for management. Like in Digital Chocolate’s Gangs Of Boomtown, making money is easy and quick here. Two clicks per two minutes, you finish a rent and supply cycle for cottages—by the way, your residents grow up and older with time. Unlike Gangs Of Boomtown, not all the collecting needs energy here and lumber mill sometimes help produce mana. With all these, this game has a potential to keep your eyes open wide night by night.

6 Comments on Flying Kingdoms


  1. SILVIA says:


  2. karen clift says:

    Please help me. I dont know how to improve my defense skills in one level. It wont let me continue. Help I love this game.

  3. Vanessa Silmm says:

    oi estou no Monte Sabio, tem uma missao: O Resgate parte II, pede para eliminarmos plantas com pocao multiuso, sao 8, eliminei 7, porem tem uma entre dois arbustos que nao elimina de jeito nenhum, e sem isso nao consigo avancar no jogo que fica bloqueado.

    Por favor, me ajudem…

  4. Dick says:

    eu tem a mesmo problema no monte sobia,,,ja paro de jogar pois assim nao tem jeito…nao da pra continuar

  5. tatiana says:

    Eu estou no Monte sábio desde o final de março /12, eu eliminei os dois soldados que guardam o alquimista na ponte, antes dos arbustos, não terminou a missão, o problema é que o jogo engoliu o soldado e n ão saio da ponte, sem terminar o jogo, não tem jeito de seguir adiante, a votsu recebe minhas solicitações, promete resolver e nada, atualizam o jogo toda a semana, meu jogo não sai do lugar…
    é brabo….meu jogo é pelo ORKUT

  6. Andreia says:

    estou no deserto distante do jogo e não consigo avançar ,pois da uma mensagem de erro characterservice.36205.S4.A1 que souber e puder me ajudar…Obrigada
    O jogo é pelo facebook.

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