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For the People: Fantasy Politics

For the People: Fantasy Politics

Release Date:  October 2, 2012
Publisher:  Rocket Surgeon Entertainment
Developer:  Rocket Surgeon Entertainment
Genre:  Simulation

For the People: Fantasy Politics is a social fantasy game where you start your political career as a member of Congress and handle issues facing our country.


For The People fuses multiple elements and creates a unique gaming experience.

Featuring a political selection theme, For The People throws players in the position of being a candidate participating in debates and managing election campaign. You don’t just select a bobblehead figure with a familiar face, raise funds and send lecturers around to lobby for more votes, or send all kinds of staff to do various assignments without even bothering to read what kind of assignments they are actually. You do everything on your own. Your very own.

In your office, you send in lobbyists that come with various concerns, negotiate with them and then you will have your agenda filled with items, most of which require you to get sponsors for the actions you are advocating.

And since the results negotiations determine which kind of work you will do, you have to decide which proposals to agree on and which to reject. You’d better focus on the ones that would benefit your constituency and the groups that endorse you. Otherwise, you will lose votes.

The negotiations take a collectable-card-game approach: you negotiate with the lobbyists, choose among the available cards to enhance the lobbyists’ mood, enhance your reputation, or boost your influence, and agree or reject the lobbyists’ proposals.

You will earn money by carrying out the proposals, and the money will be spent on the election campaigns. Conduct polling, put up advertisements, or hold a local debate. The quests and descriptions are detailed and diversified and it is often the case that you forget you are in the middle of a game rather than in your office or your headquarters designing the best strategy to kick your rival’s ass.

Whatever that is, the game does offer the best ever politics gaming experience so far. You have to choose a committee, and do everything you can to get more votes. The gameplay is simple and it is easy to get started and keep on.

For The People offers a wide range of customization options, and with the help of 3D pictures, the character customization process can be lots of fun. However, the pictures only stun you when you have it in the best quality. Otherwise, the graphics are just blurry and look clumsy.

The game not only provides the most realistic political experience, it also stresses the social communication between you and your friends. The items in your agenda almost all require you to ask for your friends’ help. That is to say, to complete each mission, you have to send requests to several of your friends and wait until they reply.

Anyway, if you are looking forward to a good game to dip your toes in the virtual politics, For The People: Fantasy Politics might be the best you can have; but if you are looking for something to play solo, well then, you might want to skip For The People.

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