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Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires

Release Date:  2011/12/01
Publisher:  Innogames
Developer:  Innogames
Genre:  Strategy

Have you ever dreamt of being the Ruler of a vast realm? Reigning over a small stone age village and turning it into the greatest metropolis ever built? Seeing your city evolve and change over the course of centuries? Trade, research, create mighty armies and face your opponents on the battlefield? Forge of Empires will make your dreams come true!


Forge of Empires is a new strategy browser game created by Innogames, following the success of Grepolis and Tribal Wars. The game set the plots from stone age to modern human history and players could travel back and forth to write their own story and forge an ultimate empire.

In addition to urban development, research and PvP parts, Forge of Empires offers a single player campaign where players could wind up training their own characters through a series of challenges and quests.

“We has set a high standard in terms of graphics, gameplay and technical quality for Forge of Empires and we are extremely satisfied with the results we’ve achieved so far,” Said Eike Klindworth, founder of InnoGames. “it is very important for us to offer players a long-lasting fun, which has been evidenced in Grepolis and the West. The different gameplay for Forge of Empires still has some remarkable spotlights compared to our previous games.”

The innovative gameplay allows players to move their armies during the battles and thus influences the results of war. This provides a very large number of tactical options and will fascinate true master strategists live long.


We’ve learnt from history that it is not an easy task to establish a kingdom and administer the state affairs. But in Forge of Empires, the newly released browser-based strategy game by Innogames, you are to take charge of such a mission: implement your skills in both the construction of your city, as well as in the conquest of foreign countries.

A visual feast

Forge of Empires is defined by a remarkably neat and cute style. The moment I log in the game, the distinctive amine-style graphics immediately catch my attention. The rays of the setting sun are shining on the spires, and even the shingles on the roofs could be figured out when I approach. What an authentic picture of a peaceful small town!

The place is schemed to be divided by grids on which I can freely locate the buildings. This is no less demanding than the urban planning in real life. On the one hand, I have to take the buildings’ different dimensions into consideration, as well as to build roads that connect all buildings to the main building. On the other hand, the aesthetic effect is required in terms of the overall appearance of the city. As to city expansion, more space will be obtained through research.

Raw materials and goods production

The construction of buildings, the production of goods as well as the training of troops generate three basic resources for gold, supplies and stuff. Let me put it into details: I accumulate gold by means of imposing tax on the residents who live in my buildings, and therefore, it is natural that the more buildings I construct, the more populated my place is, the more gold I will get. Meanwhile, more people demand more supplies. See? These three links are closely interlocked.

Besides, a little of economics is involved in this game. In terms of the goods production, theoretically, the shorter my production time lasts and the higher the productivity is, the more I will yield in finally. One point I should mention is that never forget to click to upgrade the inventory once the commissioned one is full, or you will be running the risk of wasting your goods due to the lack of stock space.

Be an overlord

Napoleon once remarked that “Every French soldier carries a marshal’s baton in his knapsack”. Well, similarly, every promising ruler should harbor the ambition of becoming an overlord. To fulfill this dream, I am not only focusing on the growth of my own city, but also sparing much attention on diplomacy. In the game, it is easy to get an overall view of the geographical situation around my base. Before I am strong enough to conquer the neighbors, I choose to join hands with them by offering various goods. Here, a private tip for you, things like jewels, gold and silk are really useful in terms of foreign affairs.

The above is my foreign policy. However, if your country has been rather mighty and prosperous in the beginning, you can straightly strike attacks on your target instead of adopting this tedious negotiation. A shrewd leader takes the enemy’s army as the primary target, which consumes a little gold but can probably reap several rival squads in return. These squads of captures could be reconfigured and missioned in the following battles. Basically, as to the military units, there are three categories: infantry, cavalry and ranged units.

You win by research

My empire is located in the remote Stone Age in the very beginning. It is through assiduous research and constant construction of new buildings that I gradually bring my empire through several periods of civilization to the present status, supported by the successively unlocked advanced technology out of research. So, I can safely say that both in real and virtual world, research and technology are power.

Two steps are required to get down to research: in the first place, to contribute to the projects, you should collect enough research points, which can be achieved automatically along the progression in the game or purchased by gold. Then, it comes to the inventions. Simple ones are to be obtained with the price of some gold and supplies, while the elaborate ones could only be achieved when you are at a high level most of the time.

The impression and verdict

The game is in the closed beta stage, with a lot of contents to be further developed and ameliorated, for example, the opportunities to compete with the opponents are still rudimentary. However, I have got much fun from such a build&strategy-themed title. Thus, I believe it has great potential to become a big hit in the near future.

4 Comments on Forge of Empires


  1. Dunkin says:

    I have preregistered for the game but it didn't tell me when the game is to be released nor do I know much about the multi player feature. Is it just different P v P games or do you exist in a world like grepolis where you can attack another player when you wish?

  2. bilbo says:

    Pretty interesting game , now they started to give away closed beta keys , my friend is one players who got key . It is mostly singleplaayer with feature to attack others and help them . Nothing more . But is is really nice looking game , I like it .

  3. mic says:

    as a current beta test player.
    this game is strangled by a shortage of resources/active players to trade with..
    a quest may require 50 units of something.. production buildings create 2 units every 8hours.
    its free to play but its pay to win.
    sadly disappointed 🙁

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