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Forsaken World

Forsaken World

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Perfect World Entertainment
Developer:  Perfect World Entertainment
Genre:  Action

Forsaken World is a 3D Free MMORPG developed by China-based Perfect World for international gamers. Set in the Eyrda world, the game lets players to envision themselves to become powerful and super to discover and explore the forsaken world.

Under the code name “Project Em”, The game was firstly announced in 2009 and the official title 神魔大陆 was confirmed in December of the same year. After a year’s translation from Chinese to English, Forsaken World entered the closed beta in October 27, 2010, and the open beta was live in March 9, 2011.

Perfect World has blocked IPs for the international version out of North America, but it also opened European servers exclusively for EURO Gamers with local supports. Players can also play the game on Steam.

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MMO Rift has become the most talked game these days with the assumption of the WOW killer or take on. But did you ever try Forsaken World because this game bears the similarity of “World of Warcraft“, “RIFT” and “Runes of Magic“.

The adventure begins with the creation of your character. You have the opportunity to choose from eight classes and five races, and this includes the following: human, elves, dwarves, stone people or a demonic Kindred and you choose your character either male or female. Depending on the race you are devoted to, and you are able to pick up the respective classes – Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Priest, Bard, contractors, Patriot and vampire.

Once you’ve customized your avatar, the game starts after a pleasantly short loading time and it begins with the story! On the basis of your birth date, you will be offered a kind of horoscope and background info. These dates are known to the zodiac sign inspired.

What immediately catches my eyes is that Forsaken World was designed not only for the hardcore gamers, but also for players who play an MMO for the first time. I mean the tutorial is very detailed. The dialogue system is simple and totally explanatory, and an auto-route function allows you to reach your target automatically, and those objectives always appear in your quest book. You simply click on the name or location, and your character begins to move. Hostile monsters are marked with an icon, and the quests I have done including monster killing and items collecting, which are very helpful for new mmo players.

Depending on which race you chose, your adventure begins at a different location. As a dwarf you catch so very clichéd dwarf in a cave, but not to reduce ores and raw materials. As for the vampires. They start in a dark town, and are initially not keen to be seen by others. Thus, the experience in “Forsaken World” are interesting, no matter whether you are playing for the first time or longer.

Graphics and Sound

Forsaken World is more stunning than Runes of Magic in terms of graphics and artworks since the game is designed by a group of international industry experts. However, some textures in character’s look does not satisfy me. But the grand background music compensates the flaws. The background music reminds me of the music from “Neverwinter Nights 2”, but it is slightly different. Players could also enjoy the excitement from the PKing and battling.


Almost all Chinese free MMORPGs are created for newbies, so the Auto-Route feature are necessary for all gamers, even allowing beginners to adventure without any problems. And in addition to old favorites such as skills, display or inventory, you may also refer to lots of icons at the top and bottom screen.

Multiplayer and interaction

Not only do you team up to explore the virtual fantasy world, but you do form your own guild. Furthermore, you can also take part in a lot of social events to earn some rewards.


Thanks to some tricks like cut scenes and a different story depending on the Race it makes “Forsaken World” stand out among any other free-to-play MMOs. Although some problems and glitches cannot be solved over time, it still qualifies the best free MMO.

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  1. […] Forsaken World is free-to-play massive PvP game with RPG genre, developed by Perfect World Entertainment Inc which knows the audience and does really good work. This game is set in a series of fascinating stories when only two gods existed – Dyos and Nyos, who were the rulers of the universe and had the ability to create and destroy to their hearts’ content. Dyos discovered a world in the universe which he named “Eyrda” and finally entrusted it to his children after living there for ten million years. […]

  2. […] Dynasty is a free MMORPG game developed by Perfect World who behind many fantasy MMOs such as Forsaken World, Perfect World International, Rusty Hearts and RaiderZ.  The game was officially released is China […]

  3. Forsaken world | Any Online Games says:

    […] Forsaken World, developed by Perfect World, was originally released in China as “Shen Mo Da Luo”. And then the international version of Forsaken World, tailored for players worldwide, was crafted and released in 2010. Perfect World heavily involved itself in the development of the game by gathering the professional game inventers worldwide. It is said that one of the designers is the previous leading developer of world famous game Diablo. Obviously, the painstaking efforts from talented designers, the gripping stories of both occidental and oriental traits, the sophisticated weapons and its priority of players will make it a big shot among the international players. […]

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