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Forsaken World: The Pinnacle of Asian free MMORPG Gaming

Sara Lau
Apr 24,2011  09:04 by

If you have the chance to choose the era of your birth, the race you belong to, then which kind of life is ideal and mostly sought? The majority of people admire mysterious things and dream of becoming immortal. After the long-waited launch of Forsaken World, Perfect World Entertainment’s most anticipated MMORPG, we finally have a taste of being a history-maker millions of years ago.

Forsaken World is free-to-play massive PvP game with RPG genre, developed by Perfect World Entertainment Inc which knows the audience and does really good work. This game is set in a series of fascinating stories when only two gods existed – Dyos and Nyos, who were the rulers of the universe and had the ability to create and destroy to their hearts’ content. Dyos discovered a world in the universe which he named “Eyrda” and finally entrusted it to his children after living there for ten million years.

During the ten million years, Dwarves, Humans, Elves and Stonemen were created. The first time Nyos saw the great land of Eyrda, he was bent on destroying it. Several battles occurred between Dyos’ offspring and Nyos. After the first Great War, the birth of Kindred, the fall of the gods and a hidden storm, the fate of this land will fall into your hands. You decide which race you represent in the battle against Dysil, a giant creature who showed up from the Giant Tree of Eyrda. You are also responsible for seeking the powerful relics that were lost in the previous wars and the Godly Essences which can make you become godly.

You will be going through a lot of “kill 10 rats” quests, but wherein you have to discover more attracting areas and abilities. You can accomplish such accomplishments as leveling your character up, gathering footprint cards from quests and killing monsters, and fortifying your gear. With 16 jobs available, you will always find yourself engaged if necessary. Besides, participating in a guild is a great way to make friends and accomplish great things. You might as well join a freshman guild at the beginning stage by clicking the “Y” key, and then hitting the button in the lower right hand corner.

Anyway, free MMORPG Forsaken World is extensive, yet has high playability. As a history-maker, you decide the fate of the land and races on it. Come and defeat the evil forces once and for all.

Official website: http://fw.perfectworld.com/

Chinese Official website: http://shenmo.wanmei.com/

German website: http://fw.de.perfectworld.eu/

3 Comments on Forsaken World: The Pinnacle of Asian free MMORPG Gaming


  1. Half says:

    Sorry to say i found this game sooo boring. r
    Reached lvl 15 within a few hours and just couldnt take it anymore. i had to delete the game.

  2. Kayla Del says:

    lol i cant even log in with facebook to try this game T.T

  3. Kayla Del says:

    espicially when im on the official website T.T

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