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Release Date:  2006
Publisher:  Burda: ic
Developer:  Gold Sky
Genre:  Strategy

Explore the fantasy world of Jianghu and week out spooky creatures and the dark forces; fight monsters and save the land from the lost chaostic Jianghu…

The game Forsakia – The Lost Clans takes you go on a journey through a mythic and mysterious world, which is called Jianghua in China. Previously ruled and guarded by the clans, Forsakia takes place in Ancient China, but all ingame scenes are produced in 2D cartoon sytle.

You can fight monsters and beasts and bravely face the powerful forces. Monsters are lurking on your way through the world Jainghu.

Investigate the reasons for the terrible murder, and discover who is responsible for this brutal act carried out on the leadership and their clans.

The game Forsakia allows you to choose your hero out of the six classes, through which you earn a living and fighting for top place in the game. You also raise your pet, build your houses and docorate your rooms at your disposal.

For PvP lovers, you compete against other players and thereby prove you are best by showing your skills and abilicites in the arena. Forsakia combines all the elements of RPG, strategy, mmo.


8 Comments on Forsakia


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  4. Gorm says:

    This could have been a great game, but there is so many bugs and glithes.

    it seems the ppl hosting the game cant control this and there is no contact with the developers.

  5. bcshad0w says:

    I have the agree with Gorm. The concept of the game had me hooked. Unfortunately the developers are not constently updating, and the game has been left to go down hill/ die. The game is full of glitches and half done NPCs and systems, while the only way to get anywhere in this game name is to finder a glitcher to boost your gear.
    If this game was updated on a regular basis with contact with the developers and more events, I would have stuck around. A big shame for one of the very rare games that can keep me hooked.

  6. fart says:

    tanks fr info

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