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Free Aqua Zoo

Free Aqua Zoo

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Upjers
Genre:  Simulation

Take on the role of a proud fish breeder in the funny and cute animated simulation Free Aqua Zoo! The online game made ​​by Upjers gives you many opportunities to shape your own individual aquarium. Make your aquarium and customize it with beautiful tropical fish that you can catch yourself.

But before you make efforts to accomplish your dream, you should put your gaze over the pond and bait your hook with worms or something that fish love. To lure more beautiful fish, make sure you have enchanting baits. If everything is ready, prepare a virtual tank for your fish.  Your future aquarium is on the way.

In Free Aqua Zoo, there are over 40 freshwater fish, which are different both visually and temperamentally. For those who do not have enough patience to entice fish, the pet shop offers a variety of fish, but that would charge you a little money.

After you have filled your tank, it is necessary to decorate your underwater home. The in-game shop in Free Aqua Zoo offers a range of decorative items such as miniatures, different plants and coral. Your creativity is virtually no limits when it comes to designing your aquarium. Also make sure you keep the tank clean so that all fish really feel comfortable.

Are you ready to be a passionate hobbyist to cherish and maintain your Aquarium with your passion? prepare for your angels to catch fish or trade them in the local fish market.

Like social games, you can also visit the underwater worlds of other users and reciprocate up for watching – and even earn new achievements.

Register now and fill your own tank in the fantastic fishing experience.

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  1. Andikácska12 says:


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