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Free-to-play aquarium simulation Free Aqua Zoo launches

Sara Lau
Jun 20,2011  03:06 by

Players plunge into a wonderful world full of droll fishes and go fishing for cute fish tank inhabitants. They create their very own underwater paradise.

Bamberg (20th June, 2011) – German browser-game developer/publisher Upjers launches its English-language version of Free Aqua Zoo, the successful fish tank simulation for internet browsers. The game was first released in Germany on June 7th and prospered to be one of Upjers’ top titles in almost no time. Within just 10 days, more than half a million players registered for Free Aqua Zoo.

Free Aqua Zoo has already been released in Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, France and Hungary. More than half a million players are enjoying Upjers’ free-to-play aquarium simulation. Since its initial launch in Germany, players fished more than 25 million cute inhabitants for their fish tanks and even managed to breed thousands of sweet baby fishes.

In order to achieve success in Free Aqua Zoo, players have to take care of the fishes in their aquarium. The fishes need to be fed, cuddled and poked in order to level them up. Once the little fishes grow up to be true showpiece fishes, players can sell them on the market and buy luxurious accessories for their fish tanks – they build their own virtual underwater paradise. To top off this fresh gaming experience of Free Aqua Zoo, there are opportunities to go fishing on many different waters, breeding baby fishes and doing exciting quests.

Also, the community is a huge priority with Free Aqua Zoo. There are many features to interact with other players, to find friends and to work together, for example for fish breeding.

Sign up now and take care of you very own fish tank! Free Aqua Zoo is free-to-play on www.freeaquazoo.com

7 Comments on Free-to-play aquarium simulation Free Aqua Zoo launches


  1. tucker says:

    i cant wait to play

  2. mee says:

    how do you breed fish on it

  3. GHD says:

    You told me that you can breed them… I know how to breed them… BUT YOU DIDN'T TELL ME HOW!

  4. Rawwwwwwr says:

    ummmm can somebody just tell me how to pretty please cookie dough ice cream with caramel and cherries on the top with a pinch of sprinkles how to breed fish it never even told me about them so i'm trying to figure out. BTW add me i'm Takafatuko weird name,hu? It's my NINJA name:)))

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