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Galaxy Life

Galaxy Life

Release Date:  2011/11/24
Publisher:  Digital Chocolate
Developer:  Digital Chocolate

Let’s be frank and straight: Galaxy Life is basically a city-building simulation, but coated with multiple layers of fun to finally conjure up as a hybrid game worth a try.

Galaxy Life leaves to our hands a planet in the distant galaxy where adorable Starlings inhabit. Peaceful life is interrupted by the chaos brought about by Firebit, an evil starling born out of a rotten seed. Wars usually mark the start of a legend, and it’s no exception to the back story of Galaxy Life.


Our first mission is to set up turrets to fend away the invasion by Firebit’s evil army, which is then followed by an active attack on Firebit’s Planet. The combat is styled an easy and childlike fashion that we only see the little adorable starlings scurry around various buildings for a moment and then battle comes to an end with facilities damaged with black smokes rising from them. Typical combat scenes in Facebook games.

Yet the storyline is surprisingly well made. In the following, episodes in the form of quests go logically from one to another: some of Starlinators (the populace in the planet) sent by the Resistance to help are kidnapped by Firebit’s army in the revengeful attack, which in turn leads to the rescue mission and the Spy act. On and on, the closely knit storyline takes us into various activities alternated mainly between building and combating.

We only have two structures, e.g. Star Base and Warp Gate, on the planet. To go with the quest line, a series of buildings such as Compact House, Mine, Silo and Bank, etc. will be successively built for different services covering resource production, storage, and so on and so forth. In addition to the resource-related facilities, various types also fall into the category of Army, Defense, Turrets and Decoration. All together provides diversified play in training military units to attack and loot, adding more defensive towers to counter invasion and building entertaining structures such as swings and elastic beds for citizens to have fun.

Building takes a slow pace on the whole. At low-level, the construction time is relatively short, but free workers are also limited. With only two workers at service, there is just no way to quicken up the step. Why not hire more hands? We can’t, for we need to gather required materials such as tool case and mallet, or directly let money talk by spending Galaxy Chips (in-game premium currency) to get it done. Materials are gained via clearing all kinds of rocks, craters and plants scattered around, or visiting to help in friends’ planets. And it also requires free workers to gather them, sometimes by sheer chance. As to the quicker way of using Galaxy Chips, I only have 8 chips, a world away from the 280 chips needed to hire one worker. And I don’t want to pay for real money either. When we level up, the building rhythm doesn’t accelerate much because of the prolonged building time and more materials in demand.

In addition to building, we can also fight. Surely, to train a powerful army of various units is the first task. Again, quick pace is out of reach. We have to spend coins unlocking every unit, and the activation time is just like forever. Training takes time too, but it’s much shorter than the unlocking. Units are hard-earned but heartbreakingly vulnerable in combat: I activated and trained 10 Looters for minutes and send them out attacking Sparragon’s Planet as directed by quests, only to see, irritatingly, them eliminated in a few seconds there. It seems to me that all the time spent on training is just not paid off.

The world map contains lots of planets. As part of the storyline, we can often spy or attack planets seized by evil Firebit and Sparragon, but we can also do to other players the same military action. Besides, there are also some free planets where we can colonize or invite friends to play on it. of course, our own planets may become the hit target. If the defense is not good enough (it’s usually not good enough), we will have to consume mineral resources repairing the damaged buildings afterward. With the gameplay of Alliance on the way, we may expect more for the combat and socialization in the final version of Galaxy Life.

Finally, a few words about its other aspects. Cartoonish style is perfectly shown in its colorful graphics, delightful back music and childlike animation of lovely starlings. Little figure with big eyes, those starlings really light up the graphics with every move, toddling around, playing on the swing and hasting in work. We can even see them chat with each other during walk, when the icons like a smiling face or a nodding-off z appearing overhead.

Personally, I like almost everything (especially those animated starlings) of the game except the time-consuming and somewhat trivial building and training mechanics as well as the high frequency of reloading request. It would be great if the slow-pace is sped up.

38 Comments on Galaxy Life


  1. Paul says:

    I was playing yesterday and Its and amazing and cool game!

  2. ben says:

    this game is awesome!!

  3. edo says:

    great game!!!!

  4. Matt says:

    great game!!!!!!

    but when is it going to get a alliances because me and my friend want to be in the same allience

  5. Bryan says:

    Does anyone know how you can invite someone to your alliance

  6. Stef says:

    man tiy reakky dont know how to play

  7. Alex says:

    The new upgrade kind a sucks…

  8. gál lászló says:


  9. Cybervamp Stevens says:

    Join Cyber's Star Command!! 🙂 ,,I love this game…the starlings are so cute……I want to live on their planet ….it's beautiful!! …looks like places in my dreams….luv it..too!!! <3

  10. Juan Sarmiento says:

    http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1000033463… este perfil actúa con algún hack que destruye todo el planeta de otros hasta nivel 100 estando él, solo en nivel 35

  11. Juan Samaniego says:

    Por favor ayúdenme a denunciarlo, se llama Konstantinos Kagianas

  12. jaka says:

    how do you add people to your alliance

  13. david says:

    why is galaxy life not working anyone know

  14. Parveen says:

    why is galaxy life not working anyone know

  15. mike bloom says:

    hello my name is michael bloom i was n my facebook playing galaxy life a few minutes ago and was in the middle of a battle.when it said reload so when i did i was missing 100k and lost 11 beetle tanks and my zepplin. so i was wondering if there is anyway i can get those things refunded?

  16. luiz felipe says:

    add me ai

  17. SALVATORE says:

    BLOCCATOO 🙁 🙁 🙁


    BLOCCATO 🙁 🙁 🙁


  18. arie says:

    sali kayo pabahay killer pl

  19. demonlordgr says:

    hi i like a lot this game, so i play the war version but i have a little problem every time i fight somone my game makes reload so i loose all my army and i dont take any point from the things allready destroy
    the athers makes attacks normaly so what can i do?

  20. Babowakeez says:

    is there a alliance for Filipinos?

  21. john says:

    one time i was in a middle of a battle then sed i have to reload i lost 5 collosis and 1 zepplin does any boby now how to bring them back???

  22. nima369 says:

    i have alancias the name is : beste klas everyone can come!!!

  23. adrian says:

    hey datimi money back that you are thieves because I put a safety week and 3 days and are attacked what I want my money back is impossible if you do not claim

  24. shah says:

    icannot play again ,why did this happen?can u help me to solve it

  25. Tony says:

    I just started an alliance, does anyone know how I can invite my members to be friends so I can help them. They are not friends on FB?

  26. engingocmen says:

    many trick existent !!!!!! just not……ı am 8 level men 5 me wiper…24 hours onlıne ı am not attack 🙁

  27. ddd says:

    good spel

  28. wis15 says:

    its fun to play this game bro

  29. I love this game. We have a thread for it over on our Game Center forums if you want to see the achievements and also talk about different tips and tricks. :]

  30. moyajustin says:

    free works po ba

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