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Galaxy life Review: A Rewarding Trip to Galaxy

Sara Lau
Dec 26,2011  12:12 by

Galaxy life is a new social game currently available on Facebook.

Social games have been sweeping the world as a satisfactory time-killer for white collars and students, who can take any seizable chance to look after their virtual business especially at their break. In fact, if I am that absorbed by a social game which encourages high frequency of short visits and rewards you a cheerful mood with such an act, I will devote both the beginning and the end of my working time to it. Without something pleasing, the walking directly back from intense work can be a blank, sad process, especially when weather or air quality is nasty.

However, I am not so easily absorbed – until I got to galaxy life at a right time. It’s simply lovely to look at and peaceful to the ear. I am talking about its graphics and sound. Good graphics is not all about technology. It’s mainly about tastes and values. Frog-shaped rocks, molecular-structure trees, and candy-like plants are all telling about a care-free history of this planet. Or can you imagine a lonely horror land can give birth to such nice creatures? What attract me most are the bean-sized starlings (planet residents) with short feet and arms, some quarrelling, some chatting. I can feel how much they weigh, how they slip from my palm, and how they fall backward when I puff at them. As to music and dance, this peace land needn’t that mess.

But the offered background sound is still acceptable, not as loud as festival or victory music, or so lazy, mindless as most pop songs. It’s a quality piece that can calm me down for diligent work. I want to be a good manager, and a well-planned strategy to care my starlings will become the best cure for my Insomnia.

Building in galaxy life is highly simplified to four functions: star base, training camp, compact house, and bank. No resource gathering, producing or trading affairs are involved. “Manufacturing resources” and “daily consumer goods” are not mentioned anyway. People get well fed and sheltered just with a comprehensive structure (called “compact house”) making coins and minerals. Why not help me get rid of the word “mineral”, too. There is a blast cannon to build but I haven’t decided where to place it. I am worried whether it bombards my own starbase if I misplace it carelessly.

Since building is the core in the 7-day shield period, construction speed has badly concerned me. But the speed is limited for quite a few reasons: not enough resources! Not enough free workers! Not enough coins! What shall I do? My compact houses and banks collect money and produce resources bit by bit on a regular basis. My worker did run for another task upon receiving my order, but when he finished, he refused to run back to continue the previous task but wandered about, until I clicked to call him back! What a lazy boy! Even if he completed all the banks in an hour, what should I do when people break in and challenge me to build and rebuild military facilities at a crazy speed? Not all urgency matters ring an alarm! Can I afford the painfully slow accumulation of coins and resources? Can I afford such a helpless condition?

And thus I turn to the battles to add friends, who will appear in my colony like a god and announce the “instant” completion of my construction.

So I am determined to struggle for an effective relationship with strangers through language bribe, which used to be well within my qualification. My starlings shall be spared as the last target. This handful of beans shall be cared by a world of aunts and uncles rather than bullied by a world of monsters, since the game is about friendship and win-together. If a game allows win-together, why can’t I be the first beneficiary of the whole system. So it has been a game for popular guys prevailing against friendless guys. It’s acceptable. However, at long last, I cannot successfully send gifts or requests to the few friends I have got. And I am not alone suffering from this bug. As I browsed though Galaxy Life’s forum, I found a great number of players have complaint of the game’s bugs.

But I won’t quit or leave my planet ruined by others, as my starlings are calling me: are you there boss? Are you our boss? The starlings need you boss. Listen! They are crying for safety, they are depending on me! And I wish I could set up a safety network made of a world of aunts and uncles.

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  1. cam says:

    upgrade your bank to level 4 then click the button my stuff that looks like a cardboard box then hit the tab labled inventory and you will see stacks of coins and minerals

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