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Galaxy Online 2

Galaxy Online 2

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  IGG
Developer:  IGG
Genre:  mmorts

The mysterious vast universe is an inexhaustible treasure for you to explore. Are you a space enthusiast? Join in Galaxy Online 2 to embark on an unforgettable journey! It is a sci-fi strategy RPG with a lot to offer.

Developed by IGG, Galaxy Online 2 is an online strategy MMO that is available on Facebook. There is an array of engaging missions which direct you through the game. The goal is to vanquish other players and become the ruler of the realm. Galaxy Online 2 boasts challenging yet thrilling battles which will make your space adventure pretty eventful. You can also make starships to enhance your fighting power. In addition, the visual effect is very attractive.

Review from Facebook Fans:

An addictive real-time strategy game that combines the best elements of the Sid Meir classics with a mmo. Kudos to the designers.

Intricate, innovative, and involved – Galaxy Online II raises the bar for online strategy (and especially Facebook) games.

Intricate attention to detail and + innovative ideas and promotions + involved staff and awesome player rewards + the fact they have space set aside for unreleased game material can only mean one thing = game.win!

” Unlike GO1, GO2 is much more challenging since there is no safe home system, and ships are very balanced since no hull/weapon is strong against all which is kinda like rock, paper and scissors. It keeps you hooked to the screen.

First Galaxy was awesome, so far.. Second one is doing wonderful job of surpassing the previous version. Forums are helpful for new players. Players on Server 12, so far are not rude. So, I’m having fun with the game.

8 Comments on Galaxy Online 2


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  2. this,dude says:

    hey i cant log into the game whats up with this

  3. This dude says:

    IGG fucked up entire games.. GO1 was the best..just ugrade it to facebook..so what the fuck is bringing it down

  4. Doug says:

    Not a very good game at all. IGG can not seem to balance the game. It cost upwards of 100k USD to max all your commanders and gems. People have spent thousands on this game. If u cant spend tons of money on the game you are pretty much screwed. Play something else!!!1

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  6. Helpful says:

    Avoid at all cost

  7. 2 years in says:

    I've enjoyed it. Very true that top spenders are invincible, but they only cause so much trouble. Mostly you get to fight your way through missions, and compete in league matches – which are both quite doable for free. Just keep your ships put up when you sign off, to keep them safe. Putting them away is a tiny hassle every time, but losing months of virtual effort will make you quit fast.

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