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Release Date:  July 2012
Publisher:  Square Enix, Bigpoint
Developer:  Square Enix, Bigpoint
Genre:  Adventure

Bigpoint together with Square Enix have developed a highly customizable game: Gameglobe, which features avatar customizing, map editing and creations sharing.


I’m very delightful to join the beta test with all my curiosity.

Setting avatars has always been an absorbing part to me. In Gameblobe, various elements are provided for you to decorate your characters and make them distinctive. However there are not as many choices as I expected. Since there are nine available parts for you to customize, it is hard to discover two characters of the same appearance. Every decoration part can be tried on without purchasing. What you need to do is simply hold your mouse upon the item and wait. Your character will try them on automatically.

Don’t waste too many coins in the avatar part, because you will need them in the game creating process and it seems the only way to earn coins is to get level up by playing games. By the way, purchasing items in the avatar section will also win you EXP.

Before getting started with your own ideas, I would strongly suggest you to finish the Blueprint Tutorials ahead. There are nine stages of this newbie tutorial. You would learn to set up starting point, a beginning spot of the game. If there is no such point in a game, your characters will keep falling from the sky and it would be impossible for you to continue playing. And of course, the finishing point is also to be placed. Some games are long with challenging adventures. As a result, thoughtful creators would put some reviving points for players so that they could continue the game where they failed in their last trial. Other creators would believe that the more challenging, the more exciting.

After the basic settings, the tutorial would help you placing props in the game. Each and every prop could be adjusted in directions and height. By using the combination of Shift and the up and down arrow keys, you would be able to rise and lower the prop to an ideal height. You could also do this with “R” for rise and “F” for fall. Hold the Space bar and move your mouse to a certain spot will help you switch angles of the props. And the left key would change the way you twist the props.

At the end of each stage, when all the building work is done, you could test the scenes you have just created. You are also allowed to reset the tutorial scenes if you have not quite got the points. Restart a tutorial stage will without doubt help you master the basic controls of this game.

Having accomplished all the tutorials does not mean the end of your study. Checking the Video guides is the next step. Pay attention to the guide No.5, in which the prop interactivities would be introduced, so that you could plug in more tricks, traps and trigger events to make your games funny ever.

Congratulations to you for you have finished both the tutorial and the video guides. It took me half a day to cover most of the functions and still, I felt hard to create my own game. Nevertheless it is time to customize your own game.

Choosing a piece of appropriate land either round or square is the very first step of your creative works. That is what the tutorials haven’t taught you. You would be provided with a total of 6 lands, of which the small one and the medium one are free to use, the large piece and the huge piece would unlock later as your characters’ level grows. Finally the last two special lands named rectangular and stretched could only but be put into use by purchasing them with the in-game coins. I believe the medium one would be quite enough for newbies to start with.

If you have ever used map editors before, you wouldn’t feel strange about this concept. Early in 1998, Blizzard Entertainment had presented StarCraft and later added a map editor to it. Players were able to customize their own maps in StarCraft and create games of their own. Now in the world of gameglobe, creating games is becoming an absolutely necessary part of the game.

Lack of inspirations? Never mind, go and find some by experiencing the wonderful lands other players had created for you. The screenshots of the week’s top 6 games would be posted on the gameglobe homepage in a gallery. Flooded Mine 2, Treasure Hunting v1.0, Sea Spirits and etc are the most popular ones this week. Some of the games are in 3D version as you have experienced before, some are side scrolling and others require players to see the scenes from a sky angle.

Now you may be concerned about how to make your own games world renowned. New creations would be shown at the bottom right side of players’ browsers. Once you have published your works, others would get access to it easily. An appealing name, a bunch of hidden clues, some interesting riddles and the crafted scenes, all of the above will contribute to your way of becoming a famous creator.

Hours of crafting works may only take you minutes to test. If you are getting tired of the creating part, go seek challenges. There is a ranking list below each game, on which the top ten high score winners would be posted. If being the top creators is not your vegetables, being a top explore would be nice choice.

I have come up with dynamic scenes, subtitles, powerful attacks and other amazing features which are beyond my knowledge of gameglobe. I wish I could master all these in a day, however failed I have. And that is why I would like to keep connected to the game.

Presently, the enemies could only be pirates. More characters and props could be added to the game in the future development process. I couldn’t imagine how much better gameglobe could be. It is a one-of-the-kind game that I had ever tested.

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