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Karos Online
  • Karos Online

  • Posted on  Apr 17,2011  11:04 , by Sara Lau
  • The Broccion Continent in the Planet Asmara has been trodden for years by the iron heels of ruthless wars, which are like never-satisfactory monsters, always thirsty for bloods. Now is another pivotal moment, a prelude for raging warfare, since the fate of Skidd and Reth, heirs to Darkness and Light respectively, will be made by the powerful Fletta Gem that is scrambled by forces of both sides. In order to win, the Light Followers are establishing the Cafenril Federation to enlarge their collective power. So courageous warriors, it is high time to embark on the journey of glory, destroying the […] read »

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Heroes of Newerth
  • Heroes of Newerth

  • Posted on  Apr 16,2011  08:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Trees around are charred with ashes flickering up and down. The earth is barren and rimous with web-like clefts from which crimson firelight is ablaze as if lava erupted from volcanoes is flowing. Horrible environment, however, does not daunt away courageous heroes who are nonchalantly forwarding their way. Not far away, another horde is just advancing head-on. The storm of war has no pity for the weak; fight for survival is the only way. Where is this world? It is in Heroes of Newerth. Heroes of Newerth is a DotA-inspired team-oriented role-play online game which integrates action with real-time strategy […] read »

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Knight’s Story
  • Knight’s Story

  • Posted on  Apr 16,2011  01:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Developed by Anute, Knight’s Story is a new addition to the already popular games of Top-down tile based role-playing genre. Like most other games on Facebook, it is a freemium game, which means it is free of charge while charging a premium for advanced features. Anute is still in its infancy and is just warming up its browsers to try this brand new game. It is currently inviting players to take part in the beta testing and by far the game has been met with positive feedback at an average of 3 out of 5 stars. So let’s get the […] read »

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  • Edragon

  • Posted on  Apr 15,2011  05:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Edragon is a complex and exciting browser game developed by the China-based playcomet.com team which has managed to incorporate a couple of addictive ideas popularized in 3D MMORPGs. As chaos falls on the continent and the panic spreads, the warriors of different races must find a way to re-unite to repel the hordes of Dark Legions, which crawl out their lairs for a bloodshed massacre unseen before. Dive into the mysterious realm now and become the savior of the battle-wounded land. First off, the game offers you the choice to pick from a selection of 3 races – Elf, Human, […] read »

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Hero Smash
  • Hero Smash

  • Posted on  Apr 15,2011  02:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Before you get too excited of a New Browser-based MMO, remember that Hero Smash is just in its alpha beta, which only offers privilege to those Adventure Quest members. Hate downloading MMO Clients to play City of Heroes and Champions Online? I am just assuming you highly embrace super heroes. Hero Smash includes all features of what you are longing for in City of Heroes, Champions Online, DC universe Online and many more pay-to-play MMOs. While Hero Smash does not go the way those MMORPGs go – No Download, free to play, seamless connect – all makes Hero Smash eagerly […] read »

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Angels Online
  • Angels Online

  • Posted on  Apr 14,2011  02:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Angels Online is a graphically Coarse 2D MMORPG published by IGG, the China-based game company in possession of Zu Online, Galaxy Online 2, and Tales of Pirates. The game attempts to blend  all elements of what a free MMO has, but it failed to satisfy gamers who own a relatively high configuration PC. Under the leadership of (Cai Zong Jian)蔡宗键, IGG has successfully localized and published several MMO Games in North America by the end of 2010. However, due to the improper management, IGG did not seize the opportunity to gain bullish momentum, instead, the company just scraped by on the […] read »

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Lady Popular
  • Lady Popular

  • Posted on  Apr 14,2011  10:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Girls, do you want to be the fashion icon? Do you want to change your fashion style everyday? Because of insufficiency of money, you cannot realize your dreams in life. However, in the Lady Popular game, all your dreams can be realized. The players enjoy the freedom to choose their favorite fashion style as well as their career, even boyfriends. Generally speaking, online games are full of fierce fight, which will rarely attract girls’ attention. The majority of players of online games are boys. However, the Lady Popular has achieved tremendous success in European market in attracting girls’ attention. The […] read »

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Rise of Immortals
  • Rise of Immortals

  • Posted on  Apr 14,2011  01:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Are you still lingering over the mysterious landscape suspending in the air depicted in the game of Guardians of Graxia with no intension to convert attention to other games? Of course, you are not to blame since that game is immersive and addictive. Yet how will you react to the news that another fantasy game around the corner starts 300 years later right after the events of Guardians of Graxia? Well, let’s spare the tormenting suspension; its name is Rise of Immortals. Rise of Immortals is developed by the same Petroglyph Company and set in the same setting of World […] read »

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Legendary Champions
  • Legendary Champions

  • Posted on  Apr 14,2011  01:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Let imagination do its magic and bring us to a world without boundaries, either of time or space. Here the battlefield is imbuing with household figures not only from history but also out of mythologies and legends. Just suppose what will become of the King Arthur-ruling England if Alexander the Great who conquered Greece wages war against it? Just imagine Dracula bears a grudge on Sinbad out of the Arabian Night, what kind of horror tale will be spun between the king of vampire and the courageous caption? Well, if interested, why not weave these bizarre but intriguing legends by […] read »

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League of Legends
  • League of Legends

  • Posted on  Apr 14,2011  01:04 , by Sara Lau
  • Have you ever longed for a virtual space where friends keep your company to compete with foes who are neither too formidable to rob the gaming fun nor too feeble to ruin the sense of achievement? Now you can resolve all doubts and put faith in the game of League of Legends (LOL), which provides such a niche where you can team up with those great minds who think alike to participate in and win out wars against matching rivals to finally Laugh-Out-Loud (LOL). League of Legends, a team-based, real-time strategy MMORPG, is a quality game made by a constellation […] read »

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