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GamesCampus Announces Tour Golf Online Powered by CryENGINE3

Sara Lau
Jun 23,2011  01:06 by

Gamescampus and onnet reveal the next generation of online golf with tour golf online. The First Online Golf Game To Be Powered By CryENGINE3 Graphics, Tour Golf Online’s Highly Realistic Experience Is The Next Best Thing To Actually Being On The Green

Sunnyvale, Calif. (June 23, 2011) – Leading online game publisher, GamesCampus, and leading developer and service provider, OnNet Co. Ltd. today revealed the first screen shots of their stunning new free-to-play golf game, Tour Golf Online; arriving in 2012. OnNet Co., Ltd., GamesCampus’ parent company in Korea and the first company to sign Crytek’s CryENGINE3 development solution, is the developer of Tour Golf Online; which boasts some of the most spectacular life-like graphics currently available in online gaming.

Tour Golf Online will offer one of the most advanced training areas ever seen in an online golf game in addition to its highly realistic weather and intricately detailed golf gear which has all been designed around OnNet’s proprietary Trajectory Engine. For the latest news and updates on Tour Golf Online, visit TGO’s Facebook page FaceBook.com/TourGolfOnline

Tour Golf Online puts the player in the shoes of a competitive pro-golfer on the tournament circuit. Through its development using Crytek’s CryENGINE3, Tour Golf Online aims to surpass all current golf titles by pushing the limits of graphics as we know them today with life-like climates, detailed environments and state-of-the-art golf clubs and gear. GamesCampus has worked to capture and replicate even the most minute details of the swinging motions of real world pro-golfers and are working on new golf courses designed by pro-golfers such as Kyung Ho Pak and So Won Yoon (Former KLPGA Tour Pro). Tour Golf Online’s innovative use of technology and forward-thinking concepts are sure to create a new standard in golf games.

“It was important to utilize the amazing CryENGINE3 technology in the development of Tour Golf Online because our goal with the game was to take the online golf experience to a whole new level with superior graphics and gameplay that offer the player a feeling of almost physically being right there on the green,” said Kevin Kim, CEO of GamesCampus.com. “Our talented development team has done an amazing job building training areas that have been painstakingly recreated from the real-world courses where the pros practice during tournaments, along with life-like climates and weather, state of the art gear and more, we are proud to add this amazing title to the GamesCampus portal.”

To learn more about Tour Golf Online as additional details are revealed, please visit FaceBook.com/TourGolfOnline.

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