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Gamescom 2011: Short Impression on MMO Shooter Defiance from Television Series

Sara Lau
Aug 22,2011  04:08 by

Trion Worlds, which is known as the developer of RIFT and many other famous online games End of Nations, offered a special demo for Defiance at Gamescom 2011. Defiance is an action MMOTPS which features the fast-paced battles between humans and aliens. This game is linked to a TV series broadcasted on Syfy, which counts as a groundbreaking innovation in the industry.

That’s right! This is really a daring experiment run by game developer Trion Worlds and the American television channel SyFy, as a result, a close connection is established between the TV series and the game world. Thanks to the diligent endeavor of Defiance’s developers, we had the chance to feast our eyes on splendid bomb scenes from this mysterious multi-platform game at Gamescom 2011. Having watched the presentation, we’d like to introduce our experiences to you.

Defiance is set in the San Francisco Bay Area where hordes of aliens are paying visit to the earth. But those aliens are not content at the sight of the destructive scenarios of the earth. The same applies to the human beings. In fact, San Francisco is not the same prosperous metropolis as you used to. After a devastating disaster, everything is reduced into ruins. Consequently, the seemingly peaceful aliens have begun to terraform it, trying to make the soil usable for themselves. On the contrary, some people acquire the state-of-the-art technology of the aliens and obtain precise mechanical components which can be implemented in their bodies. Wow, in this futuristic world, the designers of Trion World really let their creativity run wild. In short, the features that were unraveled at the fair are truly impressive.

Defiance is a multiplayer shooter with more or less RPG elements. The characters are naturally equipped with all kinds of firearms, from shotguns to machine guns. We can see almost all traditional weapons which can be found on the earth. With so many powerful deadly weapons at hand, it is safe to say that the conflicts between humans and cyborgs in Defiance will be permeated with intension and excitement. By the way, you can choose one from the two factions, start off a distinct yet thrilling adventure, and strive to accomplish your pursuit in Defiance.

In the middle of battles, you may suddenly hear a deafening noise swirling from the sky. Seconds later, a giant crystal comes rushing down to the ground. These crystals are coveted by both factions, so you must gear up to defeat your opponents and try to lay hands on the crystals.

When you get close enough to the crystals, then you take part in a public quest which is similar to that of Rift and Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes. The crystals are all grasped firmly by giant, nasty claws. In order to capture your targets, you must, first of all, shoot off the legs of the crystal crawlers, such as various small beetles. Actually, this part is almost tantamount to Starship Troopers in terms of combat thrill. In the second phase of the quest, you have to pull back the legs and smash the crawlers.

At the end of the presentation at Gamescom 2011, the exhibitors also revealed some information about how the television series and the game would be incorporated together.

As mentioned above, the game is set in the remains of San Francisco in the post-apocalyptic future; however, the show is taking place in St. Louis, Missouri, which is quite a distance away from the Californian Pacific Coast. However, according to Rob Hill, senior producer of the game, the content of the show and the game will be intermingled with each other. For example, a character can dive into all sorts of adventures in San Francisco in the virtual fantasy world and return back to St. Louis and talk about his marvelous experience in the show. To sum up, Defiance has every sign to suggest a promising future. Let’s wait patiently for the eventual release of this game!

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