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Gangs of Boomtown

Gangs of Boomtown

Release Date:  02/15/2012
Publisher:  Digital Chocolate (Google Plus)
Developer:  Digital Chocolate
Genre:  Strategy, Shooter, Builder

Gangs of Boomtown is a story-driven RPG shooter game developed by Digital Chocolate behind the widely played games like Galaxy Life, New In Town and Reborn Empire. The game is exclusively available at Google Plus.  The game progresses with a forceful story, which greets players with a ruined village and an old man who asks for a revenge help. Then you build, decorate and manage your village to power yourself and to support the homeless. You also explore the past of these murderous gangs while killing, until you bring them all to justice.


The weapon system is about all models of guns, pistols, revolvers. With hints from different characters, you have chances to try every of the weapons, following the endless killing quests. You buy or unlock them with accumulated achievements. Reward for each activity you participated is recorded down as “achievement” in your inventory.

Skill system contains three functions: passive skills like “dodge bullets”, “dodge animal heading”; active skills like “more head shots” and constructive skills like “draw energy sooner” and “raise revenue”.

Scenarios in Gangs of Boomtown are made up of dead plants, tombs, broken buildings. Characters look in their best shape, with solid body, firming skin and serious face.

Rewarding and consumption in the game feel badly balanced. while the game keeps offering you new tricks to raise rent (by building decoration, stores, salons) and you can even get coins for searching an a wasted house, clearing a weed, you are still frequently judged as out of energy, even too tired to clear a weed.


“Gangs of Boomtown”(GB) applies the same mechanics with that of Zombie Lane, and New In Town as they are created by the same company – Digital Chocolate. The three games let you wait about 100 minutes to replenish the energy bar. For New In Town, you wait 22 minutes for a working day (money-earning day), and no more after 5 working days is accumulated. For Gangs of Boomtown and Zombie Lane, it is 4 minutes for one energy, 25 energy as the max. The 25 energy can be clicked away in killing, building, even cleaning job prior to the building. But the building here won’t make it a traditional city builder, because such a step-by-step mechanic features a relatively secured route to victory, with no wondering moments about what to do that may happen even in the best strategically guided city builders. You follow it and you win.

There is a varied degree of generosity in the three games. New in town gives you 5 working days, each day earning you 200 times of the meal price. Zombie lane labels each weapon with the ammo value left and in Gangs of Boomtown, New weapons are zero ammo. They are accumulated over time, about 20 minutes for one ammo.

The story of GB is well-worded and stimulating to your combat passion. Each time you win a duel, you attend the tomb of the loser to collect his coins. You build tents and huts to support the battered villagers. You kill to rescue the daughter of a respected elder. The graphics and art designs try to visualize the harshness during the Wild West exploration, with saddening pictures either by natural disasters or human cruelty. All this is not designed for you to pretend to be the expected hero, if you won’t pay for it and just imagine picking it up it when you remember it and leave after a minute of clicking, because the essential things promised based on friend help and time waiting won’t be actually given. You have to earn them by initiating a duel in ghost town, before which you have to improve your weapons with cash as it’s hard to find anyone weaker than you, even they are labeled as “difficulty: easy”.

You may be suggested to ask your friends for something to upgrade your weapon house. Your friend sees your request, but the option button under the request is “now play the game”, nowhere to click “send”. The things and help actions achievable from friends are limited to 3-energy pack and visit to help build or clean 5 times per day.

Out of the 25 energy, 6 of them for the weakest bandit, 10 and 20 energy for the second and third weakest ones, and there are at least 5 bandits in the first third of a quest (you know a quest often contains three things). You wait 100 minutes to complete one third of a quest in Gangs of Boomtown! Generally speaking, it takes more than one quest to reach a new level, upon which your energy is refilled. You can see how far it is to reach a new level. I am impressed! And worse still, construction, including clearing the wide grass, burned houses, consumes a big portion of the poor 25 energy.

Energy is so irrationally expensive in the game that you are forced to save them by using better weapons, unlocking higher skills. Better weapons inflict more damage with one energy loss. Skills enable you to dodge a bullet, a wolf, to increase chances of head shot (only 4 damage). You unlock a skill to find it double the weapon power only once in a while, as the game personnel says in the forum: partly depending on luck.
Such an impossible balance between consumption and accumulation that I wonder how frequently one needs to click “pay” to carry on the game. In fact each quest has a price below its description. You can complete all the tasks by paying. it keeps asking for money with bad value of the investment. Paying won’t change the basic manner of how you are treated.

This is the second title from digital chocolate put on Google plus. I think the company is not taking it seriously.

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  1. Russ Bray says:

    Why has Gangs of Boomtown ended?

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