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Gangs of Boomtown Preview

Sara Lau
Feb 17,2012  01:02 by

If you get tired and want to jump out of hordes of old games, with no plots, where you either do no more than setting high scores then beat them like most desktop puzzle games, or just spam mouse click to repeat monotonous actions like city-building and army-raising in strategy games, now you are lucky to have a new option. The social games tycoon, Digital Chocolate, a few days ago just announced the launch of “Gangs of Boomtown” exclusively on Google Plus platform. Gangs of Boomtown features thrilling storyline and intensive graphics and boasted that players would have fresh-new gaming experiences.

In the game, you take a role of a civilian in a wildwest-like town named “Boomtown”, you live a happy life until some day the assassin gangs went a horrific rampage of slaughter, pillage, and burning, and all that left of the once prosperous town were smoldering pillars, ruined houses and a few survivors. While witnessing the death of your families, you were overcome by die-hard revenge, now nothing can stand on your way as you are seeking for vengeance and rebuilding your hometown.

Gangs of Boomtown is by no means a brainless following of trend which coats the old contents with a new form. The game producer sketches it in a clear line: The game presents vivid 2.5D gaming scenes brought to life by a variety of dazzling animated NPC avatars. The entire interface is neat and clear, missions that are in progress are listed on the left hand side in a line. Current level together with Exp gauge, Energy, Ammo bars are adjacent to resources and gold bars on the top, and various icons with buddy list are embedded in right-bottom.

As a plot-driven RPG, players are allowed to explore areas freely and interact with NPCs and objects by simple click-and-go manner. For example, to help survived homeless to rebuild your hometown, you need to clear out remnants of houses, cut tumbleweeds, remove dead body of poultry or chisel yourself out of huge boulders to clear the paths, all of which can be simply done by simple clicks. Each action costs you 1 energy and grants you some collectable bonuses scattered on the ground. The cleaning jobs can make space for new buildings so that you can claim your earning from renting properties. The combat is somewhat turn-based alike. You shot at your foes and they retaliate, then you commence the 2nd round. Each shot also consumes 1 energy and when you get hit, depending on the damage inflicted, energy will also be deducted. To customize yourself, you are allowed to upgrade your weapons once you manage to collect all the items required during your adventure, there are also a wide range of gears available in shops. Furthermore, no matter when you collect drops, claim cash from building, fire bullets out from a gun, or roaming around the map, your avatar always pose various activities lively.

The PvP system, which is worked on one-bullet-duel rule, enables you to fight against other players. You may either access the arena (in this game “Ghost Town” is so called) or visit your friends’ Boomtown by hovering the mouse over the portrait of your desired friend on your buddy list, then click “Visit” to access. Also, each duel spends 1 ammo, which is indicated on the ammo gauge and ammo replenishes 1 bullet every 45 minutes.

Overall, Gangs of Boomtown is good game with extensive graphics and well-trimmed plots, if you can endure repetition of those side-quests that slow the game progress to a crawler, you cannot miss to try on it.

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