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Gardens of Time

Gardens of Time

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Playdom
Developer:  Playdom
Genre:  hidden object

Would you like to run in a mysterious machine to travel through time and explore endless incredibly beautiful gardens? There are various kinds of puzzles challenging your eyesight, such as Find differences and Find as much staff as possible in one minute.

Gardens of Time is a free online Facebook hidden object game where you are able to use your Time Machine to locate hidden objects throughout history, unravel the intrigues of a secret society, and protect the world from sinister forces!

The exquisite artifacts you discover can be used to decorate your garden, based on which you can level up by increasing your reputation. You will unlock other gardens with different breathtaking scenes according to your performance. You can also invite your friends to play with you or challenge other players around the world. Jump in your time machine and embark on your adventure!

The ingame graphics, however, are just what City of Wonder has employed. Take characters for example, I have seen that woman too many times in city of Wonder, but in Gardens of Time, she keeps appearing, which looks like a spokeswoman of your company.


Playdom’s Gardens of Time is the best hidden object game (HOG) that I have ever played. I am never alone to harbor such a thought, for more than 900,000 players play this game on a daily basis. We like it with good reasons: great artwork about the graphic, many a exquisite scene, supportive garden building element, different modes of competition and interaction among friends. It simply has what it takes to make an enjoyable game.

Role-playing as a new recruit to the Time Society, we will travel by time machine to different historical periods, finish the hidden object puzzle there, and build our time garden into a antique-theme park so as to unlock more scenes to play.

Unlike most HOGs that move on from one scene to another purely via the accumulation of XP or collectable items, Gardens of Time has structured its procession in a different way. We need to build the garden to win reputations which then unlock more playable scenes.

Garden-building is made easy but characterized by a cultural vibe. Under its Build tab, there are listed six types of facility that can be built in the garden. While the Decorations, paths and expansions are usual setup with multiple of common choices offered under each title, the other three of Artifacts, Buildings and Wonders are categories filled by culture-laden objects, such as the observatory El Caracol with its spiral staircase, Tomb of Horus, and Egyptian Chariol statue etc. Some structures can be bought for silver coins or golden bars; some are level-locked; and buildings of Wonder are specially quest-locked, each locked by one Chapter.

There are all together 22 Chapters in the game, each including several different scenes. Every chapter is designed with a unique theme, covering a wide range such as Great Caesar’s Ghost, Return to the Nile, Hollywood Follies and A Road to El Dorado, just to name a few. And under different chapter, you can surely expect to feast your eyes on never-identical, delicate scenarios. And to start, we will access into a series of postcard-like scenes featuring exotic views of Ancient Egypt.

In each scene, a certain amount of hidden objects needs to be found in the deliberate jumble. The name of the object is listed on the below of the screen. Adjacent to the name list are four small icons, representing different kinds of helpful hints. The basic type is offered immediately at start to help you find one item by circling a narrowed search scope; then goggles unlocked at Lv. 5 can be used to scan the whole picture, highlighting objects (which will glow) when the cursor moves close to them; and further on Thermometer and Flash can be unlocked at Lv. 10 and 15 respectively to make the item exposed even more obvious. Hints are useful, but their usage is limited differently at the same time. The basic time has a cool-down time after one use, and the other three can be successively used three times without limit, with more requiring purchasing.

And there are two gaming modes: the console-styled Main Story (namely, the Chapter) and the social Weekly Blitz Challenge. Scenes of each chapter set no time limit that we can take as long as we like to find the all required objects. Yet speed does count in the rewarding system which scores every round with a Time Bonus and Skill Bonus (combo will boost the latter). Each round of gameplay is rated by Star, with a maximum of four stars for each scene. Thus, we can always replay the previous scenes for more stars as well as rewards like coins, energy and XP, etc.

And the Weekly Challenge offers us a chance to ascend in the leader-board, pitting us against friends in competition for higher rewards. Its rule is different: we need to find as many hidden objects as possible in 60 seconds, with same hints available. Also unlike the common silver coins and XPs given in Main Story, a certain number of gold bars are the 1st place reward for winner. And this mode costs fifteen units of energy to play one round, five more than the normal sole-play. Repetitive play is available, too.

Same in the two modes, replaying is easier and thusly repetitive. Different from Mystery Manor, another well-polished HOG, objects in the game stay where they are in all gameplay rather than changing locations in different rounds. Moreover, it’s inevitable that some of the required hidden objects in the list will be re-appearing many times during revisits of the previous scenes.

Comparatively, the main story comprises the bulk of gameplay. In this mode, there is no time tap, so there is no possibility to kick player out of every round of play, a setup commonly adopted in lots of HOGs. Yet the game tolerates no blind-click. If we click too many times randomly without pinpointing one single needed object, we will be punished to suspend in mid-play for 5 seconds.

Although there is an energy setup, 10 units per play (the Main Story mode), it actually doesn’t force the gameplay to an unpleasant halt or drag down the level-up. Energy refills automatically over time; and more importantly, it is also given as rewards of each play and even recharged to full in every level-up. Of course, there is always premium energy package in in-game shop. And needless to say, money talks not only in this aspect.

Will Gardens of Time be a HOG of all times? It perhaps can make it.

171 Comments on Gardens of Time


  1. Sara Lau says:

    Man this is becoming irritating I’m buying more stuff, but because of the dumb need 15 more neighbors after 3 days later running out of space to put it, they won’t let me expand. this is foolish, I about to quit, all this silver can but stuff to put in the garden but can buy the land…GO FIGURE!! ANY SUGGESTIONS??

    Thank you all for …helping me build my dragon, I still need more of you to help me because it is still not yet complete. AS THE FAMOUS MAN WE ALL KNEW ALWAYS WOULD SAY, ” WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR”??? come on I give out gifts regularly, I help out you lost visitors I AM THE BEST~ AND I HAVE WONDERFUL NEIGHBORS TOO! WE WOULD ALL GET ALONG… LOL

    @Facebook How are we to gain reputation for the garden to buy more stuff If you allwont let us get more land to put it. Come on Yall. Also, why do we have to play the same game over and over after we beat it to gain xp’s to get to the next level, my gold bars have been taken so i can’t buy and it takes entirely too long to get the suggested score in order to open another part of the game… give me a home job I will tell you all about it!! yes indeed …lol

    @@ROBERT GOERZ I totally agree, i have lost a neighbor on here already and still can not upgrade my land after two level accomplished thats ironic

    HAPPY THAT THE GAME IS APPROVING, NOT AS MANY NEEDS TO REFRESH, ONLY NOTICING THE SCORE REMAINING THE SAME AFTER YOU PLAYED 3OR4 x’s. Also now it won’t let me buy land and that is frustrating, It like they are punishing us for others not wanting to play, hell just let me buy my land so i can enjoy the darn game. always something. bad idea to make people feel as though they have all these coins and can only spend them to upgrade land when they feel like it. fix the game plz and my gold bars still have not been replace, do you know how long it took to get them just tohave them taken away just like that

  2. Sara Lau says:

    This game is good

  3. becky says:

    people stoped coming into my land …. WHY?

  4. Karen says:

    You may have made your walkway too narrow. It has to be 2 squares wide at the entrance.

  5. dolly says:

    it freezes up too much in the middle of your game and you end of losing and can’t buy land to put purchased items

  6. Douggo says:

    I’ve been enjoying this game. I find that you don’t make enough money playing in order to buy decorations, and expand your garden. I think that the game is constructed so you have to keep buying gold with dollars in order to get anywhere. I know that these game companies are in it to make money.

    I read online that there are only 6 chapters. This means I’m going to finish it in the next week.The concept is great, but I’m not going to spend money to finish it quicker.

  7. Susan says:

    People are saying they are accepting my invite to be my neighbor but it never shows up that they have accepted! I need to buy land! Any suggestions?

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Help Help need more neighbors Please come to my rescue

  9. gary montgomery says:

    i cant get on the game at all on facebook, what am i doing wrong?

  10. shona manson says:

    http keeps stopping me from playing my games, can I remove http and still stay on facebbok and keep my games as I just paid money to play garden of times.

  11. anna thomas says:

    i can't get into my garden when i go to it it will not download all the way and it says done but i don't have any picture of my garden what do i need to do to get back into my garden

  12. Kathy F says:

    My game will not let me invite friends or send gifts when I click on those items. It just goes to a blank screen. I can only get new friends on the game when they ask me first.

    Kathy F

  13. Bonnie says:

    I can no longer access Gardens of Time on Facebook. It even disappeared from the left hand game apps area on the left side of my wall.

  14. laura bryans says:

    i took of my gardens of time and want to play it again, but cant get it back,

  15. Fernanda Guimaraes says:

    Minha filha Maria Paula Guimarães Lopes postou a mensagem abaixo na página de Críticas do Gardens of Time. Quem concordar, por favor, clique em "curtir" lá na página) pois ela falou em nome dos brasileiros do Gardens:
    " We brazilian player would like to remark that there isn't nothing of Brazil to put in the gardes.
    I suggest natural beauties such as Iguazu Falls (It could be regarding Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay), Redemptor Christ, Alvorada Palace (Brasilia), Ethanol refinery.
    For plants: sugar cane plantation, coffee, Amazonian trees and other native plants like the rubber tree, cacao tree, Yellow, Purple and White Ype (tabebuia), the Bougganvillea.
    As characters: capoeira player, soccer player, samba schools and dancers and singers, portuguese Caravela explorers (ship with the Malthese Cross), the Brazilian Emperors Peter I and/or Princess Isabel, Dr. Chagas (M.D., found the Chagas disease).
    Other suggestions: piranhas river/lake, Ocas (native indigenous brazilians houses) Jules Rimet Soccer Cup, the Jangada, Rio de Janeiro Bothanic Garden and the Butantan Institute (researches Snakes and other poisonous animals, has one of the most important collections of this kind in the world).

  16. dena roberts says:

    i am having same problem all i have read about gardens of time not getting to play7 . who is gonna fix this problem? we'd sure like it to be ASOP. please thanks it is sad trying for 1 hour just to play such a fun game and ya can't .the 7 was not to be in last sentence sorry. can someone HHHEEELLLPPP us please very soon? thanks flashbrooks@yahoo.com please reply date is 10 06 11Dena Roberts

  17. Sabrina says:

    Hei, can anyone tell me, where I can find the strawberry in the one pictures with the lake and the many animals that comes up if you help a friend? I haven't found it yet…

  18. Vicki says:

    I'm having trouble finding the letter w and the broccolli in the snow scene. Can anyone please help??

  19. Vicki says:

    Can anyone help me find the letter w and the broccolli in the Blitz snow scene please

  20. Cheryl says:

    the W is right in front in the snow next to mannaquin

  21. cheryl says:

    my neighbors won't load

  22. Gisel says:

    My neighbors won't load either. Also, it keeps telling me that my internet connection was lost and must be refreshed, when I know I haven't lost the internet connection.

  23. GardensOfTimeFan says:

    My neighbor list won't load either. I've tried safari, chrome, firefox as well as ie, the game runs, can visit scenes or build so flash control is installed and working for that stuff.

  24. GardensOfTimeFan says:

    Does anyone know where the button, book, and witches hat are in the carnival blitz scene?

  25. GOT Gal says:

    Anybody know where the book and the lantern are in the carnival blitz scene????

  26. marni says:

    I just bought 3 items to increase my reputation, but they didn't show in my garden. Usually it goes to a green square you can place in your garden but they didn't this time. Is this something new with the building process? After I paid for them, and it did take coins out for the purchases, there was a new green bar over the object that said start building. I clicked on this, and nothing happened! Anyone else having trouble?

  27. Amy says:

    Hello, I have been trying to play Gardens of Time, but it won't let me unless i invite 15 friends, i did so. It then says i have to invite 20 friends. My mother plays the game on the same computer and said she never had to do any of that. I really want to play, does anyone know how to skip it? Thanks.

  28. pam says:

    why is the game keep running so slow on my desk top? it's taking all the fun out of the game

  29. Linda says:

    I keep losing my gold bars that I get by playing a competition, I win it one day, the next it is gone. I don't understand how this can happen. I have a passwrd to my site, no one knows my password so where does the gold go. I know I'm not spending it, unless there is something I don't know is happening with using energy, or something else when I am in the competition . Could it be something like this. You can't imagine how violated I feel when I open up my garden after having won gold bars the night before and there are -0- there in the mornng. I know this is happening to a lot of other players also. This also happened to me when I played GOT on facebook. Could our accounts have been hacked. If you could explain to me I would be so appreciative. 11/17/11 5:57 p.m.Linda

  30. Linda says:

    From: Linda
    I would like to say I really love this game, in spite of the many glitches. I have a game on Facebook also, It isn't nearly as much fun as GOT on Playdom. I like the chat because it feels like and you are playing in a competition with others, whereas on facebook you are playing alone. You can make friends, go for gold, and other objects. I like requesting help from friends and getting it almost immediately. I have 23 friends on facebook but on PD GOT I have 123. There are many great features of this game, the only really bothersome thing is losing gold and other glitches not being fixed in a timely manner.11/17/11 6:12 p.m.

  31. Weekly Round-up: New Facebook Games in September 2011 says:

    […] as the best hidden object game on Facebook, Gardens of Time mesmerizes enormous players with its immersive item-pinpoint gameplay, exquisite design of in-game […]

  32. bevbarlow says:

    wont let me refresh saying no internet connection but on face book please help

  33. Mimi says:

    My GOT won't load all the way on Facebook. I haven't been able to play since last week and I'm starting to go through withdrawal. Can anyone help? I've also just discovered that you can play on Playdom but I'm already on Level 38. Do I have to start all over again??

  34. carmella says:

    Do any one know how to fix gardens of time when it say connection lost! it say's Your internet connection has been lost! Please refresh your browser! But my internet is working and I can't play the game at all. If you know what to do please help!

  35. Doug says:

    I keep getting the same thing, and it happens no matter which computer I use (at work or at home) – then my wife will online and play with no problems (same computer and same internet connection). Is there maybe a seeting that is causeing htis problem? I haven't changed settings in the last few weeks since I've been getting this error, so not sure.

  36. maryon says:

    my neighbors will not load. Also i can't ask for help .FIX THE XXXXXXX GAME!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Row says:

    I bought $50.00 in gold and when I quit playing I had 220 gold left and then later I got back on the game and it was down to 150 gold. If this is the way it is going to be I will not be buying anymore at all!!

  38. rosie says:

    why is the game loading sooooo slowly its doin my head in its taking near a minute to load into different screens!!! is anyone else having this problem at all ???

  39. cindy says:

    I'm having the same problem with this "internet connection lost" message but my other GOT account is fine. Plz help me fix this, I'm at level 42 and do not want to have to restart this acct

  40. maggie says:

    I have completed the 2nd crystal game (4 stars) but can't collect the snow palace what gives??? also seem to have collected 1 toward the next (3 crystal game reward) but can't play more on that level either

  41. @coleenvl says:

    i can't find the ribbon in carnival blitz?! i have found everything but and i am going mad insane over it!

  42. Sue N says:

    MY Neighbors is not working correctly. I play in Facebook. There are four names of people I know who do not play the game and I cannot delete their names. They are at top and I am to add them as neighbor and send gift. I want their names off. At bottom of page is a list to remove neighbors but these are the people I play the game with. I do not want to delete these names. What do I need to do? The page may need repair.

  43. Karen Decoteau says:

    While trying to play Gardens of Time a notice pops up saying connection lost and to refresh my browser………….help. Where is my original Gardens od Time?

  44. juana leon says:

    Help I havent been able to play Iam on level 83 and now it says my connection is lo9st,my internet works fine and I go in all the way to the garden but the time machine pops up saying my connection is lost.help please.

  45. Martha Borowski says:

    I keep trying to Play Garden of times and can,t because it keeps saying Refresh if I can,t play it I want my money that I put in that Game!

  46. Gloria says:

    I really need help, ty in advance for ur time:) in GOT it seems i can receive different gifts but cant send requests, my friends wont get it.cant finish building cuz i need help. i checked settings, nothing blocked there but on the preview of my invitations, up in the right corner, theres a small padlock. what am i suppose to do, how can i fix this?

  47. Mugz says:

    keeps telling me I have connection loss- i dont. and the purple crystal game finsihes in a couple of days, hope it gets fixed before then !

  48. mediasloppy says:

    I can accept gifts, but when I click to return the favor it just goes to the next request and never sends them back? Any help? Facebook user…

  49. Abey-baby says:

    Pls tell me what tpe of sytem I should have to run this game

  50. jenny macintyre says:

    why isnt my garden working just got green squares and no friends are showing can recieve gifts and return them but that is it what is wrong

  51. Tammy Lewis says:

    This game has gone into the pooper. Numerous glitches and a support staff at Playdom that is doing nothing to fix the problems. Gardens of Time is a great game but for the frustrations of trying to get it to work.. I give them an "F". Sorry Playdom.. you are losing a player and a player who paid to play at that… Your incompetence caused this.

  52. alice says:

    for some reason there was a tick box on asking for materials where you cant ask them again how do you undo that anyone

  53. Sara says:

    Gardens of Time is one of the worst games to play right now. It seems that once Playdom earned "most popular game" status for GOT, it lost interest in design quality, customer service, and its players. There are so many bugs and known glitches in the design right now that it is next to impossible to complete quests. Playdom charges different prices for gold and other items depending on who you are – it appears to be random favoritism – and people feel defrauded by the Inner Circle membership system. Complaints and request for help are routinely ignored. Playdom's own community forum for GOT now consists of hundreds of threads of complaint. My advice: stay away until and unless Playdom recommits itself to quality control and customer service.

  54. Annie says:

    What used to be a great game has taken a massive slide into one of the biggest headaches on Facebook, it is no longer any fun. It has more known issues, which have been ongoing for months that the devs are more than aware of, but they do nothing about. They continuously roll out new quests in the hope of people paying good money to complete, because the bugs in the game prevent you from completing them in a timely fashion. The customer service team do nothing but send out bog standard replies "We are aware of this issue blah blah" but nothing is ever done about it. I have played it from more or less when it first came out and can only say DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ENERGY OR MONEY

  55. Nay says:

    Playdom's Garden of Time is more bugs and glitches than game. Their support is useless, often rude or a form letter informing you to do something you have done a bazillion times OR they place the blame on Facebook.
    People you have spent any time or $$ on this game would have been better watching the grass grow.

  56. carol says:


  57. Karla F says:

    Play at your own risk. This game is not on an equal playing field for all it's players. This game is also loaded with ongoing glitches and lockouts that impede and halt your progress. Playdom takes 48+ hours to correct any current ongoing glitch and then within a few days another one strikes. I do not recommend this game or company. I personally play Gardens of time on face book. I strongly recommend you look for another game by another company.

  58. OriginalSwitchkitty says:

    Their quality has definitely slipped. Customer service (or should I say lack of), rudeness and not addressing SEVERAL unhappy paying customers on top of unresolved glitch after glitch, players are dumping this game faster than rats off of a sinking ship. All I can say is "player beware"- and if you are smart you will NOT waste a CENT on this game. I'm simply biding my time…

  59. Jenny says:

    Today, February 17th many players are on a 24hour boycott of playing Gardens of Time. During this time they are sending emails of complaint to Playdom and Disney, and posting reviews. I think that speaks for itself

  60. Robyn says:

    Im playing on my iPhone but can’t seem to add any neighbours.
    I can’t carry on until I have more neighbours.

  61. Joye says:

    Why in Gardens of Time can't I get my wonders to let me have The Colosseum after I have completed all pictures in chapter 10, the Taj Mahal after I have completed all pictures in chapter 11 and the Golden Gate Bridge after I completed the pictures in chapter 12??

  62. Firefox says:

    My neighbors say they no longer see the gift woman in my garden. What can it be???

  63. Deb says:

    I am having issues . Cannot get past chapter 7. All scenes are complete. The pull down that usually tells you how many rep points you need for the next level says null.com
    I have rebooted several times. Am at a stand still. Please help ASAP,
    I have enough to go to the next scene, but there are no pages!

  64. kelly s. says:

    when i try to run gardens of time a message pops-up and says,”long-standing script.when i click stop script nothing happens.what should i do?

  65. JSJ says:

    Why dont I have the Popular Gardens button? I play on my iPhone. Will it eventually pop up? I am only on Ch15 but I am always playing….. Im curious as to how many likes I have, etc…..

  66. Montanainflorida says:

    What does it mean when it says, You can now unlock (null).title ?

  67. Margaret says:

    I am trying to play the new thing that needs time crystals. When I try to play an episode it deducts my crystal and my energy and retiurns me direct to my garden without letting me play it. How mean it that? Also I have not been getting daily bonuses for weeks. i wish they would fix it.

  68. Fiona says:

    when if finish a challenge it says I have free i-tunes. How do you access or use it?

  69. Karen says:

    I am unable to open scenes, they are unlocked and even scenes I have played before will not open. I can send gifts, help my friends and build my garden. What's up?????

  70. Jen says:

    I can not get past chapter 7. All quests are complete… Any advice?

  71. noone says:

    Don't even start this game until posters say that it is fixed. Very few parts of it are working as they should, and to top everything else off, they recently took points away by changing the rules arbitrarily and without notice. Evidently, there is a lawsuit between the original developers (Playdom) and Disney, who acquired GOT. If Disney has more the 2 million players, supposedly they have to pay the developers quite a lot of money. The theory of many players is that they are trying to run them off so Disney doesn't have to do the payout.

  72. joancanada says:

    im having same problem cant play says lost connection refresh i refreshed it still wont even cleaned my cache still nothing

  73. sharon says:

    when I tap on quests on my iphone nothing happens

  74. DebbyQuigley says:

    It limits the energy reloading to 30 instead of 60. Any idea how to fix?

  75. susan says:

    I cannot receive or send/post to my neighbours for crystals it seems to be locked I cannot also not post to my home page

  76. Greg says:

    When I go to reputation it says you can now unlock null title can somebody tell me what this means please I can’t figure it out thank you

  77. Leesa says:

    In the reputation it now says " you can now unlock (null) title. Construct you buildings. Where is the (null) title to unlock. I don't know what this means?????? Help!!!

  78. Susan says:

    Twice now I have turned on the game to find out that I have lost a significant amount of reputation points. I am being 'returned' to The points required to open scenes I played days ago. This morning I have lost over 25000 points. What is going on?

  79. Susan says:

    To reiterate about my posting above, I just added up the reputation points on my game and I calculated over 84340 pts. That does not include the decorations in the garden, just artifacts and buildings. I clicked on each one to get actual pts. My game says I have 59,075 – a difference of 25265 pts. and a large number of scenes! I should be at Chpt 7 going for the next scene and it wants me way back. What is happening?

  80. cheryl S says:

    does anyone know how to connect the garden of time with my iphone and facebook so i can play on both?

  81. Regina says:

    When I log into some of the scenes the time clock just keeps going around, the scene never opens up. Like in scene Two the bridge. Who do you contact to fix this?

  82. mary says:

    has everyones gifts changed to … seeds, and wheelbarrow a garden hose …. what is up ????

  83. Linda Massengale says:

    I don't want to be in the game Gardens of Time anmore/ I can't find any way to get it off my page. How do you remore it? Please help me.

  84. kathy mcbee says:

    i can`t get into gardenof time, have alot of request i need 2 answer, & want 2 play my game.

  85. Jenny says:

    My Golden Gate Bridge won't finish…even after my gold bars are gone that used to "finish now".

  86. Mary Jeffers says:

    Why won't garden of time load on my computer? I have been playing this game for some time now, the other day is was working prefectly and now it won't load. What's up?

  87. martha says:

    why can't i load garden of times i'm on level 96 and the game will not load. what is the problem?

  88. Elaine says:

    I cant load anymore what is up. Been playing for months on facebook

  89. Karen Sparks- Thomas says:

    I haven't been able to get into Gardens of Time now for 4 days!!!!! Wha could be wrong ???
    Karen Sparks Thomas

  90. Toni says:

    Does anyone know what the difference between energy and energy sparks is? i received my first "energy spark" today. Thanks!

  91. Tania says:

    When ever I go into a screen – the scene is very dark, but the "clues" along the bottom are normal brightness…is this a normal progression of the game, or is something broken?

  92. Françoise says:

    Comment faire pour accèder au forum, astuce et chapitre comme fête des mères je suis inscrite mais mon mot de passe n'est pas reconnu et je ne reçois pas de mail lorsque je demande un nouveau merci de m'aider

  93. carley says:

    how can i earn more land? i upgraded 3 times and then when i hit level 15 i couldnt get anymore land and i dont have space to build the quest items. because of this my game is basically at a halt i cant do anything with no space to build. help please

  94. julie adnum says:

    I cant get into the section to request neighbours to send crystals or to post a request for crystals. I have been without this for 5 days now. Its no use playing if you cant request. Also the quests etc on the side of GOT have not been there for the same amount of time. What is going on.

  95. Linda thumbellina says:

    Have lost all friends scores in the competing rounds so now I can only see my own score,it's pointless playing anymore!

  96. linda gibbard says:

    linda gibbard all my icons and quests have disapeared from the left side of the game and my crystals have greyed out can anyone tell me how to get them back thanx

  97. linda gibbard says:

    still have got no icons onthe left of game wont let me ask for any crystals whats wrong could anyone help me please

  98. R matthews says:

    I cant load the dragon lake scene…… it just will not start??

  99. meda miley says:

    i can get gardens of time to come up but the screen is black and won't load when i play the other hidden object games it will load so what is wrong with GOT?

  100. Melissa says:

    I bought gold for $100 and had nomideamit cost real money!! Someone please help me get my money back!

  101. Linda heady says:

    I don't know how to fill a request for sandstone from a neighbor help

  102. Linda says:

    I am done with your crystal scenes forever!!!!!! I have used 175 crystal trying to get my treasures. i have 9 shoes, 8 chariots, 7 sheilds and 4 torches and "0" spears. All scenes are completed and I just keep playing the same scenes over and over. I can not move on in the game until I get a spear and place the marathon runner in my garden. You said these were random. If thats the case why is there one in every chapter that is almost impossible to get.

  103. Gamamorris says:

    Where can you find the snow covered cabin I saw in a neighbors garden? I'm on level 15 and can't find it. Someone in a lower level has it in theirbgarden

  104. Christina says:

    Im trying to expand but it won’t let me go past 19×19 do I have to be on a certain level or chapter to go bigger

  105. Colleen says:

    Cant place objects that it request me to put in my gardens. What am I doing wrong

  106. Colleen says:

    Gardens of Time wont load on Facebook anymore. Why

  107. Ashley says:

    Im not on facebook but have been playing GOT on my iphone. It appears that it is set up differently. I am fairly new at this game. Can anyone tell me how I can arrange my garden on my iphone? I dont see the "build" tab on my screen.

  108. Ashley says:

    Im fairly new with GOT. I am not on facebook but I am playing off my iphone. Can anyone please tell me how to arrange my garden? I think facebook and the iphone version is set up differently because I can not find the "build" option button to move the garden around.

  109. cathy says:

    looking for the ship pieces to collect in the gardens of time

  110. elsie says:

    I moved some items to different spots. Now I can not put anything in; 4 spaces. they turn red and nothing will stay there, What is wrong

  111. Mandy says:

    How do you find the objects in great Caesar ghost ancient ship chap 4 any help would be appreciated

  112. Guest says:

    I cannot buy gold in this game when I click on it there is nothing that comes up. Not even any options,,,there is nothing there. I also noticed that it says you can send unlimited invites but this is untrue as it only allows 10 per day. And since when can you only submit a limited amount of gift reqeusts?

  113. Isabelle says:

    I play GOT on my iphone. Can i play this game on Facebook with the same garden? I can't load my existing game on Facebbok, it gets me to a page and i have to start over a new garden? Help!

  114. Amie says:

    I cannot purchase gold or silver. What is going on? This used to be such a fun game for me to play with my kids. Gardens of time …what gives?

  115. tessa says:

    wonders wont open stopped at 66 .im on episode 186.

  116. tessa says:

    building wonders wont open all completed stopped at 66,im on episode 186

  117. betsy says:

    just love this game, but since it was sold wont load on my laptop what to do?

  118. jane bird says:

    is the inner circle still available and how do i find my old friends off the game before it went on face book only

  119. Robbie says:

    Can I not get my original garden back from a couple years ago?

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