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Gears & Guts

Gears & Guts

Release Date:  
Publisher:  Glu Mobile
Developer:  Glu Mobile
Genre:  Shooting Zombie

Gears & Guts is a free mobile game that allows players to clear all the populated areas of zombies within a time limite. In the game, the player drives a car equipped with gears and weapons, and follows the mission to kill zombies by shooting his or her way into the zombie-fested town, or simply smashing the mission-specific zombies. Grab your keys; Fasten your seatbelt; There is going to be blood on the highway.


Gears & Guts puts you through the emotional destroyer as you mow down zombies. and It shares some core traits with Zombie Highway, but it also has its differences. Gears and Guts lets you splatter a variety of zombies in a bird’s perspective around the town while Zombie Highway simply confines players in a highway.

There are too many zombie-themed game apps both in Google Play Store and APPle’s iTouch Store and most of them goes with the stream in a way that we could predict. Gears & Guts is no exception.

After spending ten minutes in the game, we uninstall the app because there are not something worth playing even in a second try. You do missions to survive in the zombie-populated areas and get loots like guns that power up your car.

Also, there are some annoying hidden ads that transfer you away from the game, either to download a new, or open a new web page. Obviously, the developers does not have confidence to finance the game through the micro-transaction alone.

I am personally guessing Gears & Guts won’t be that popular like Zombie Highway.

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  1. mmogamesite says:

    In the store, you can buy cars, weapons, revives and more.

    In the garage, you manage your collection of cars and weapons. You earn a gun and equip it.

    Groups of zombies are popping up all over the suburbs. travel to earch of the occupied locations and kill any zombies you find there.

    There are new type of zombies as you complete more new chapters.

    You can scrap items you don't need to power up your other items. Keep upgrading items to take on tougher missions!

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