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Ghost Recon Online

Ghost Recon Online

Release Date:  2011/7
Publisher:  Ubisoft
Developer:  Ubisoft

Fulfill action-packed missions on the futuristic battlefields and make changes on the current bad situations. As an elite soldier, you place yourself on the team leader. Along with other players, you embark on an adventurous journey, but no worries! With high-tech weaponry, you are no longer feeling scared!


The PC series of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon now branches out as a free-2-play online shooter, namely MMOTPS, which will be published by Ubisoft later this year. Unlike the PC version, Ghost Recon online, instead, offers you a chance to free access to the game, including tactically challenging maps, basic character customization, story-based missions and upgradable weapons.

For those advanced or hardcore players, they should buy ingame items in order to advance fast or progress quickly. To be simple, the premium items are aimed to help rich players become the most powerful. To some extent, the online version of Ghost Recon cannot guarantee the game balance. This also happens to Battlestar Galactica Online, an online game based on Battlestar Galactica science fiction franchise.

However, players who like online challenge or duels, Ghost Recon Online may be a better choice since it is characterized by progression systems including Skills, Weapons, Equipment and additional options. The game as a whole could let you be a member of a special unit to fight alone or team up with other players to do advanced missions in the 3rd-person perspective. Three different classes has been unveiled so far, which seems not diversified, yet that will not affect the game variety. You can learn special abilities such as the ability to camouflage, that is, the way to wreak a deadly damage to your enemies by surprise.


You still remember PC version of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon? Or just regret all you had in Playstation 2 Version? With mixed feelings, we previewed the latest online version: Ghost Recon Online. It is different from the previous game series while its primary spotlight is put on “team play” and “free to play”.

I should say our first glance is very impressive because the character models and textures do the way as Xbox 360 Ghost Recon has done. Comfortable and satisfying! Even when you compare it with Battlefield 3 and Black Oops, it is still equally good and probably better.

Ghost Recon Online does a good job on sound effects and it indeed brings you a realistic and dynamic and harmonic orchestral effects. They are seamlessly integrated into every aspect: equipment clatters as your soldiers move, wind whistles through leaves, tanks rumble as the belt crunches against the ground from the distance; all these almost better immerse you into the open-field mission than the attractive yet static in-game visuals do.

Currently, there are three classes: Assault, Recon, and Specialist. The Assault is a standard soldier. With his machine gun and heavy armor, he mostly has an advantage in open battle. The Recon takes the role of a sniper, but it can also clean up on his opponents with machine guns. The third class, which we may not touch on previously, is the Specialist. He could be more super powerful, who has a heavy machine gun or a shotgun with a lot of firepower.

Each class has two powerful special abilities available. The Recon is about to become invisible or spot enemies through walls, while the Specialist creates an energy field that deflects the opponent’s balls or disables special abilities. The assault, however, accuses opponents with his shield on the ground or use the ability “Heat,” with which he obstructs the view of his adversary, and he inflicts damage by microwaves. While this talent is very strong, they fit well in the fighting. The specialist, however, takes more on assistance, camouflage and shield. Under the cover of the Specialist Team members, other classes could get more advantaged in attacking enemies. This might be able to explain why the developers place more emphasis on team play.

In addition, each class has a huge variety of weapons. In our version, there are over 300 items on the shelf, but it will add more than 500 weapons in the final version, according to the developers.
For those want to equip unique weapons, they could buy extras using ingame currency. A rifle scope for the shotgun? No problem! A muzzle flash suppressor for assault rifle? Here you go! The selection ranges from special ammunition to larger silencers and legs. If they are still not enough, you can also buy different grenades, armor enhancements, and helmets in the shop.

But, wait… you know, this is a free to play MMO, so we have to pay for items to get enhanced! All weapons, equipment and extras must be purchased with a game currency in the game shop.

Once purchased, weapons and extras will be in your inventory permanently and you can use them at your service. Only grenades and special ammunition (so-called “consumables”) must be purchased.

Does free to play means pay to win? We still do not have an idea of how the game performs this way, but the folks behind the project said: “A paid player looks more chic, but it may not be stronger than a free player.”

The environments are quite compact and well designed, and each area offers many ways to circumvent or surprise opponents. Attacks from behind were not uncommon. Interesting enough, each map is available only in a particular game mode. This allows developers to precisely tailor the map to the appropriate mode and new contents could be continuously replenished.


“At first I do think it would be a crappy MMO, but then I got it and played all at once I found it great,” This quote comes from a colleague who was at the event while in Paris, and pretty much sums up my experience. I am always skeptical of free to play games and in the demo version; we just saw a small part. The team play is created almost by itself, the cover system fits well into the brisk fighting, and the maps are varied and well thought out.

Our concern so far is how the developers balance the free gamers and paid members. In the final version, we will definitely keep an eye on it and bring you the latest followup.

The game supports multiple languages. In our browser mmo section, we just searched a new game the Settlers Online by Ubisoft.


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