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Ghost Recon Online Review

Sara Lau
Aug 27,2012  01:08 by

It has been more than a year since Ubisoft announced a new version of Ghost Recon series, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online. And finally, GRO is available for players. As a fan of Ubisoft games, I couldn’t wait to join the game.

The gameplay is easy to understand. One team attacks and the other defends. A battle will be divided into two halves. And players would switch between attackers and defenders. With a certain time limit, the game would process in a high pace and create more fierce conflicts.

GRO is a TPS game providing 3 classes for players to enjoy, Assault, Recon and Specialist, each class has special remarkable abilities. Assault owns better armors and automatically increases the friendly forces’ armor. The Shield they wear could be used to reduce the incoming damage and crash down enemies. They run faster than the left 2 classes because of the speed-up armor tied to their legs. Specialist could create massive chaos in a big area and disturb enemy forces. Recon uses sniper rifles however they should not be regarded simply as snipers because the leading technology allows them to see through obstacles. Hiding behind walls doesn’t escape a Recon’s eyes. As a result, Recon has been an indispensable class in any battle.

Seeing through walls is like having an illegal plug-in in the game world. With the ability of hiding itself under its cover suit, wouldn’t Recon be a most powerful force in GRO? In fact it is not necessary to worry too much as long as you get more experienced in the game.

I chose Recon as my first class in the game and got beaten heavily. In the long gallery of the train station, when I was aiming forward, an enemy jumped out of a nearby train and took me out all of a sudden. It is obvious that he knows the place well and is able to slink behind newbies and take them out without much efforts.

Another map I had experienced often is somewhere in a dock, where there are pipes, containers and complex surroundings. Thanks to the mini map, I didn’t get lost and even find some nice sniping points.

You could switch among the 3 classes anytime you want without the need of having 3 accounts. It does save you a bit of time. However the gears and EXP are not shared among the 3 classes. For instance, I bought a MP5SD-N2, a submachine gun with 2000 RP for my Recon character and thought it could also be equiped by my Assault character. But things turned out that otherwise.

I was not informed earlier before I purchase the weapon so I felt mad about it. Although I could just equip the submachine gun and enter battles like no big deal has happened. But when engaged in a melee attack, my Recon’s 100 HP would be a great disadvantage to Assault’s 140 HP. I will need better reactions and more accurate shoots to win the battles.

The in-game shop provides a great quantity of different well known weapons and other equipments. All of them can be traded with RP, the in-game currency and the GC, purchased with real money as well. So here comes the problem: Setting players to the same level, the cash players would have better weapons, heavier armors and damage boosts much earlier than normal players since GC is easier to get than RP. This setting makes a free online game hard to play. If you decide not to spend much time and efforts in promoting your skills in the game, you would be cash players beautiful stats on their profile board.

Leveling up and fulfilling achievements may be a good reason for many players to keep connected to the game. No matter which class you are most in favor of, you could find your own way of playing the game, since there are various weapons and armors with distinctive functions and combinations. You could unlock superior equipments as you get level up. And a ranking list for top players is rather absorbing. Being one of the tops will be something worth barging on before your friends.

Talking about the graphics and artwork. I have to say that I hate the lines linking team members when they are close. It just make me feel annoyed and would affect my focus on enemy targets. And the sight bead is too large which makes it hard to aim. Compared to Call of Duty, it would be an OK size. However if you are a Counter-Strike player, it would take you some time to get used to it.

The blue background theme is clean and cool which works fine with my personal taste. And the characters, objects and details in the game are well crafted. Bullet holes, fireworks and special weapon effects all seem terrific. After all, it is a Ubisoft game.

If you are about to experience the powerful weapons and observe special effects, I would rater recommend Cod or other PC shooting games. If you feel wild about getting connected to world’s players and achieve seemingly impossible missions, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online would be worth trying.

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