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Ghost Recon Online Surfaces: Free Online Video Game by Ubisoft

Sara Lau
May 26,2011  05:05 by

The publisher Ubisoft announced in a statement the development of Ghost Recon Online (GRO), a new free online title of its award-winning franchise “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon”. Designed for PC gamers, GRO will arrive in the second half-year of 2011. Luckily, the German gaming media site Gamona previewed this most anticipated MMOTPS.

According to the report and press release, Ghost Recon Online allows players to choose three classes – Assault, Scout and Specialist – each of them is a member of so-called special force, yet they come to being shouldering the different missions, with different abilities.

In EA’s Battlefield Play4Free, players did not do too much in the game customization, and it never live up to player’s expectation, but Ghost Recon Online presents players a map where player can engage in eight against eight challenge. By customizing their characters and weapons, players can gain bonus and boost in the action shooting game GRO, but that does not mean the game balance has been damaged since Ubisoft strictly follows the rules of making a balanced online game.

The game is not developed by Ubisoft Headquarter, but by a group of elite producers from Singapore and China. Obviously Chinese guys know how to roll out a free to play online game even Ubisoft licensed its HOMM to a MMO Game, which has unfortunately been proved to be a failure.

As the editor of Gamona reviewed the game, the core gameplay of Ghost Recon Online should be ascribed to its innovative cover and penetration system rendered in verticality, high-resolution and visibility. Additionally, the publisher is keen to emphasize the “social, customizable and interactive options.

“The market of online gaming today represents a new frontier for video games and gamers, “said Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft. “With Ghost Recon Online, and other upcoming online projects, Ubisoft is creating online experiences that allow fans to stay connected to their favorite universe, while benefiting from new content.”

Nedzad Hurabasic, the Editor of Gamona, concluded:

After the disappointing experience with Battlefield Play4Free my expectations are not so proactive. But Ghost Recon online quickly convinced me that it is not developed in a speedy way nor does it smear the classic franchise.

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  2. hassan says:

    this game i played is pretty good i like it a lot well umm this game it runs so fast on my computer and theres this other good game its called minecraft it's not ghost recon game it dosent even look like that its the best game ever you guys realy have to try it.

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