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Ghosts of Mistwood

Ghosts of Mistwood

Release Date:  July 2012
Publisher:  Disney
Developer:  Playdom
Genre:  Adventure

Ghosts of Mistwood is a social adventure game developed by Playdom, maker of Blackwood & Bell, Armies of Magic, Marvel: Avengers Alliance and etc. The game was firstly appearing in the Playdom’s private Forum and officially announced at E3 2012.

Set in new Orleans, the game centers on “collecting and crafting”, which can be done through player’s exploring the graphically cartoony environment.

In Ghosts of Mistwood, players are tasked to find their lost aunt in a series of kidnapping events and they are able to solve mysteries, engage in crafting potions like Stardust Potion in the workhouse and Enhanced Stardust Potion in the Medicine Wagon. Also they can clear weeds or trees in the forest, search corrupted trees and anchors, and harvest clover crops that can be used to craft other items necessary to complete quests.

For example, in order to craft the potion to earn you more lanterns, you first and foremost have to craft some vials, and then turn them into green tinctures, then craft the enhanced stardust potion (which gives 3 lanterns).  Once it is crafted, it will appear in your inventory.


Upon receiving a letter from Aunt Virginia, you are asked to visit her at the family estate where some strange things have been happening lately. Once arriving at the estate gate, you have to check whether this is the right place. Kind of weird though.

Investigate those mausoleums nearby to rescue David, a ghost hunter, the Landers who look like siblings rather than a couple, and Estella, a writer and friend of Virginia. All of those characters have been summoned here to help investigate mysteries but end up being trapped. After being rescued, they would guide you through the game, be incorporated in your team and be ready to run errands for you. For example, it will be the wedding anniversary of the Landers and the husband seeks help from you to entertain his wife. In that way, the missions fall naturally and smoothly.

To back up your exploration across the woods and search for Aunt Virginia, you are going to purchase and then construct workhouses, bungalow, toolshed, carriage house, and other structures while exploring the woods and discovering existing buildings. Pay close attention to the titles when you are supposed to purchase some building because the positions of the buildings in the store change sometimes. I mistakenly purchased two extra workhouses when I should buy a bungalow. But that turns out to be a blessing somehow since as I go deeper, more and more items have to be crafted, which necessitates the simultaneous manufacture of multiple stuffs.

You start from a pretty small land, with dark fog in all directions. Click the foggy land to clear and explore the fog so as to expand accessible land and collect more resources. That expansion has nothing to do with any amount of money or gold bar unless you prefer that way. It could consume only the lantern oil that you collect from quests, crop cultivation or certain animals. Some important quest items must be collected by clearing the fog, or we can say, unlocking new area. A lantern appears as you mouse over some area, which indicates that area is not available for the time being.

The uniqueness of Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood lies not in the stylish structures and cartoon-style figures (though those characters occasionally give steady and aggressive stares) but in its lacking in an energy system. Feed the owl and cat, chop down corrupted trees, craft items in the workhouse, remove weeds, rocks, and wild flowers, construct and repair houses, collect apples and peaches, harvest magic from the Magic Willow, or clear the fog. No matter what you do, you click the structure or target involved and one of the characters will rush to get it done. You are free to do whatever you want as long as you have free helpers still available – and of course enough resources and coins required.

Speeding up an ongoing process in Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood is not necessarily at the price of some god bars. You can do that with the magic you obtain by planting certain crops and tending certain animals. And you are also allowed to pause some processes to finish others first.

It is easy to fall in love with Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood. But it does go dull as time goes by. You are required to hire friends or spend money to staff some of your buildings. The owls and cat to keep in the yard are like weird puppets rather than living creatures. And the tasks occasionally involve process spanning hours after you reach level 5, making progress not as easy as you would expect. But it would be an absolute delight if you are ready to pay.

177 Comments on Ghosts of Mistwood


  1. Adline Codadee says:

    Why can't I play the game. Want to play to see what it's like but can't seem to play.

  2. Adline Codadeen says:

    why is ghost of mistwood always currently in closed to beta. i would like to play but getting fed up because it's always currenly closed'

  3. Angie says:

    yea me 2 its not working i would like to play it 🙁

  4. Sheri Osmond says:

    plase hurry up with the game as i am getting frustrated some of my friends are playing but i can't get onto it to play

  5. Mindy Amis says:

    need neighbors…pleease add me

  6. Liz says:

    I cleared all the willow wisps before I found the willow so I have none to clear for the quest? What do I do?

  7. Milana Molonk says:

    It's a fat lie – can't make stardust in the medicine wagon!!! Forced to spend money on this – so don't play!!!! LOL

  8. emily says:

    i cant seem to get anymore lantern oil on this game so frustrating, you can't look through the fog to finish quests unless you pay for it. anyone no wot else i can try

  9. toni says:

    new to the game looking for a few neighbors. please add me

  10. Steffy says:

    I'm level 17 now and only have 2 quests left, and you have to craft 5 cement.. RIDICULOUS amounts of stardust, which is going to take dayyysssss.. ugh. If anyone knows any ways to get more quests let me know.

  11. jeff says:

    This game suks ass!

  12. Lesley xx says:

    Add me as a neighbour please please please hehehe 🙂

  13. Nicole says:

    loved the game, played it for several days, then the lantern oil issue got me. I am not a very patient person and am willing to spend some money on games I like in order to speed them up, however, when i see how much gold it takes to buy lantern oil and then how fast I will go through that oil, this game would get far too expensive far too quickly. If the oil were replenished slowly over time (like a whole day even) and I just had to wait for it most of the time and pay for it when i am feeling that impatience surge, that would be different, but the amount of money one would waste on this game on a continual basis makes it so I will have to remove the game.

  14. Jessica Kay says:

    add me on facebook to play and help each other! Jessica Kay!

  15. karen southwind says:

    Jessica Kay I would like to add you just to play Disney ghosts need another player for staffing if you would like to be part of my neighbour group of 5 ty so much. karen edwards

  16. Disappointed says:

    Its too hard to add lantern oil as it takes forever. plus, you can't complete hardly anything without being forced to get friends that MIGHT want to play it and to add as staffing. I need like 64 staffing on the main map. I got one so far! and that took me 2 weeks to get someone to staff it and only because she is a local friend of mine. That, Royally SUCKS BIG TIME> too bad, it was interesting but they screwed it up after you starts.

  17. Anne Koch says:

    i need neighbours plz add me;-)

    ich brauch nachbarn add mich 🙂

  18. Jamie says:


  19. unlovedboi1 says:

    hey all im still sorta new to the game and i need a lot more neighbors and staff and items and help and stuff …. who wants to be my neighbor?

  20. Henna says:

    Please add me 🙂 I am a daily player and I need lots of neighbors 🙂

  21. Henna Kovalainen says:

    Please add me 🙂 I am a daily player and I need lots of neighbors 🙂

  22. henna says:

    Blaah, tryin' to comment with fb, doesn't work 🙁

  23. Hebert says:

    Try Lost Legacies instead, so much better!

  24. Carol Dimmitt says:

    I need neighbors who actually play as I play and send daily. 🙂 Please add me https://www.facebook.com/carol.dimmitt

  25. katarzyna polewka says:

    suche nette nachbarn 🙂

  26. Lis says:

    The lantern oil issue is the big pain. What you need is neighbours who will respond to your requests for stardust quickly – you can send to them, then they'll be allowed to send back to you, and you can quickly collect a pile. Even so I find one three-lantern batch a day is all I can achieve, what with all the other calls on stardust. In that respect I think the charm of the game could wear off, as lantern oil is clearly seen as a cash-generating wheeze…

  27. andreana says:

    how do i find the green house sign

  28. rosemary capes says:

    how do you find the second spirit board

  29. Stacy says:

    New player, need neighbors if anybody is interested. I play daily.

  30. loretta says:

    how do i get my ingredients to my inventory…i have ingredients i need but it says i can only sell them

  31. gmb says:

    where I found the greenhouse sign, i don't know where is the edge of the estate….please help!!!! thanks

  32. Lorinda says:

    I guess I'm done with all my quests… There are no more on the screen… Is this it?

  33. Emily says:

    Needing friends to play please add http://www.facebook.com/emma.k.hall

  34. dee says:

    add me please

  35. Hey, I really love this game!!! Please add me, i need more neighbours and i dont really have friends on facebook that play games..

  36. Hi
    Why can we only play to LVL 40??


  37. Paloma says:

    Love this game please please please add me just tell me your from mistwood so i wont delete please thank you !!!!!!!
    =) http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/paloma.cam

  38. Renee says:

    At my wits end trying to find the dumb wishing well..I am at level 15 and have never found the stupid thing

  39. nur says:

    where is the edge of estate???? help please!!!!

  40. Rhonda says:

    plz add me need neighbors

  41. JoB says:

    How many levels are there? I am on level 40.

  42. sheila says:

    if you need neighbors in the game.. Go to Sheila Phillips and request friend..daily player..

  43. Leona says:

    Why can i find the sheers for the first ghost house!!! Im lvl 15 and still havent found the stupid thing… this is getting annoying i keep completing and finding other things but no the sheers!!!

  44. Kathy smith says:

    I need new players. play daily!!!! PLZ ADD ME

  45. kris says:

    can't speed up or pause the characters to do other tasks

  46. I don't know how to "add " neighbors… Can you guys add me please? Love the game so far. Been playing daily.. PLEASE? and Thank you

  47. Hi everyone. I can't get any of my facebook friends to play.. Can someone add me as a friend PLEASE??? Thank you

  48. michelle goldhoorn says:

    love the game but one flaw you have is not being able to remove allies easily especially those not on ypur list can you fix this or does anyone know a easy way to remove them

  49. Joycelyn says:

    I can't play this game on my iPad and its very frustrating. When will this be fixed.

  50. christopher lewis says:

    Plz add me i play all day everyday i have no life i also send gifts

  51. Grace says:

    impossible d'acheter des plantes ou autres, lorsque l'on clique il n'y arien ????? la page est vide !!!!

  52. Jennifer says:

    TO MAKE STAR DUST PLANT SAGE AROUND THE SCREEN AND HARVEST IT!!!! THEN USE THE MEDICINE CART AND TOOL SHED TO CREAT LAMPS!!!!! Started the game a week ago and was confused so read the help thing when the people were working and found that answer. Hope this helps everyone!!!

  53. roberta yallaly says:

    I would like to have more neighbors in mistwood, I play every day and alot of time spent there………..send gifts out all the time love the game and right now it is the only game i play please lets play together

  54. JStev says:

    Why won't this game work on iPad?

  55. that doggone crystal ball DOESN´T work since day one reached highest level about a month ago send messages and nothing helps! That does irritate me!!

  56. michelle says:

    i need neighbors…..add me i play almost everyday http://www.facebook.com/#!/michelle.paige.982

  57. Nicole says:

    I love this game but why does it only go to level 40 on facebook?

  58. JEFFERY says:


  59. susanne says:

    I am terrably frustrated as i got no fog to explor and finish my quest's, how can i get fog please

  60. GirlyGamer says:

    this game totally sucks so far, ive played WAY better games!!!

  61. charlotte giles says:

    I like the game but am disappointed that we cannot have 1 lantern oil daily. It seems it would be the logical thing to do as you have to clear the fog. The stardust you need to make a 3 oil supply takes a long time to get & the fact that I have to ask other people to staff buildings has made me decide to just store those buildings. Too bad there always has to be a catch like adding so many people or the items are soooo expensive (if you decide to spend real money). This is a virtual game. It should be fun, not frustrating.

  62. Cheryl Stetson says:

    Please add me

  63. Louise Beal says:

    i spent alot of money towards this game and now everything is gone! why?

  64. mrobin17 says:

    Need neighbors please add me http://www.facebook.com/holli1122

  65. kellie stuart says:

    plz add thanks

  66. kristy says:

    i need neighbours most of my neighbours don't play any more plz help me i carnt play on the weekends but im on threw the week

  67. myangel57 says:

    please find a way to remove non playing allies, l know have over 30 of them and l need to remove them so l can get some new neighbours.

  68. i need neighbors add me please

  69. Lisa says:

    need neighbors please add me and has anyone found eriks letter ?

  70. momofthree says:

    very nice game

  71. sandra garrett says:

    I cant seem to place things I buy to put on my estate why is this.

  72. Skylier says:

    everyone who has problem play using your facebook account and plz add me,…though i have alot of fb friends not many of them seem to play ghost of mistwood…i play everyday but takes forever to accomplish anything or staff with few players plz help thank you facebook.com/skylierm

  73. Skylier says:

    RETYPE: everyone who has problem play use your facebook account and plz add me,…though i have alot of fb friends not many of them seem to play ghost of mistwood…i play everyday but takes forever to accomplish anything or staff with few players plz help thank you facebook.com/skylierm

  74. Ruth Hornberger says:

    I want to cancel Ghost of Mistwood Game and it won't let me,

  75. LOUISA says:

    I want to plat this on my ipad why cant I ?

  76. Angela says:

    I would like to play the current game i have and not have to start all over. i never had to go through facebook before. what going on?

  77. Jocelyne St Amour says:

    I've also been playing Disney Ghost of Mistwood. It's been about 2 months now, that I can't log in. I'm able to send the gift that my friends need and what they send for me, but that's it. I've spent a lot of money on that game. And there's still a lot remaining. But I can't log in. This is not right, there has to be something that we can do to be able to log in. I even started running a scan on my computer before I log in, and restart my computer so that everything is clean, no virus or nothing. But still can't get in. Come on now!! There has to be something that we can do or download so that we can get back to playing our games. Getting fed up. Just not right.

  78. Have played Ghost of Mistwood for quite a lomg time and now im unable to even get into it. My game is on facebook and is supported by facebook and GM. Please check into this and fix .im on level 33 and now cant even play. Also there are no new levels or challenges passed level 31 whats up with that

  79. Debbie says:

    Where do I fine the cross board

  80. Can't get into game for the last few days ,think it's come to the end on I- pad as no quests for months ,a lot of money wasted ugh!!

  81. basha says:

    the game is done, I loved it. it wasn't making enough money for Disney and playdom I imagine. can't find another game like it.

  82. bataa says:

    Why can't I play the game. Want to play to see what it's like but can't seem to play.

  83. I can't seem to get to the game any more. Can you tell me why?

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