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Release Date:  September 19, 2012
Publisher:  Backflip Studios
Developer:  Backflip Studios
Genre:  Bot Breeding

Gizmonauts is an online mobile robot breeding game where you build your planet, create and collect robot models as well as participate in robot competitions.


Gizmonauts does little beyond reminding players of everything they encountered in DragonVale or Dragon City.

You still have to buy a baby bot from the store, place it in the station until it is ready, deploy it in a zone where it could work, and wait for collecting the revenue it brings. Naturally, you’ve got to produce the food they need to upgrade the levels of your robots so that they could bring larger revenues.

And that’s exactly what you would enjoy in Dragonvale. The difference here is that you deal with robots this time rather than the cute or ruthless dragons that breathe fire or fly in the sky. However, Gizmonauts is not just lacking in originality. The refaced gameplay always surprises you – of course not in a good way – and sometimes seems absurd.

In Gizmonauts, items and buildings in the store are unlocked after you reach required levels. Before long, you will be able to construct build zones, mining zones and performing zones on your small island, and have robots of different functions. It is more than reasonable to build structures where you robots work to earn money. But it is kind of ridiculous to make various meals, say, Micro Chips, Spring Salad, and Bolt Burger to feed the robots and even place two different types of robots in the Breeding Lab to create new specie. If I’ve never played DragonVale, I would have found it interesting and unique. But I did and pretty much enjoyed the previous game, it is so difficult to find any satisfaction in Gizmonauts, given the fact that it just borrows the whole gameplay form the former title.

Gizmonauts has no energy system or anything like that. The game simply progresses as quickly as the food and money you own would permit. To gather enough money and food, you need to invest money in producing the food and then feed it to your robots. And that means lots of repeated actions for a long time. As always, when it comes to the money that generates over time, you can always leave the game alone and go back to it after some time and have enough of it.

A huge difference lies between Gizmonauts and DragonVale. The new game always requires five or six hours to breed a new robot or to prepare a new one for work. If you don’t want to wait that long, you have to purchase the speedup items using the real money.

And imaginably, the structures you place upon your island don’t allow for direct controls. You have to click the target and go to the screen bottom to find what actions you could take. And fortunately, since you move your fingers across a not so big interface, you might feel as comfortable as you do when you can click a target site and directly choose the action to take.

In a word, aside from the fact Gizmonauts is released on the iOS devices, which promises intuitive operations and controls, It is just a replicate of DragonVale and since there is already such a breeding game, I see no point in picking up this new game anyway.

3 Comments on Gizmonauts


  1. Dark Driger says:

    If you have any contact with the developer? (which it is ok if you don't)
    but? if ya do, can you let them know that this game isn't playable at all for either the iphone nor ipad
    it worked fine for the first two hours I was playing, but many been complaining on the app store reviews, and it done zero effect, except for possibly, I"m guessing, made them quit trying to fix the issue of it being stuck on loading screen and never loads!!
    by the way, dotmmo is my one true source for these kind of games, please keep up the great work!!

  2. Samantha Van Wyk says:

    i was almost on the end of level 17 and when i went back in again i am back to level 1. How can I get back to were i was. if i cant get back therei will not play this game again?

  3. Luke says:

    I got 6 bots to the max level and I didn't get a badge , this is what it says:Unlockthis avatar by feeding bots to max level. Progress 6/5 PLEASE HELP

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