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You are in the enchanted world of Vanua whre you embark on your journey in Evergreen forest, discovering furry forest dwellers, cute creatures. They are called Gladelings.

Gladelings is a nice change from the typical begging FaceBook games.

Below are some suggestions for this innovative game:

I’m hoping as I advance, the quests are still dependent on my work, not begging disguised as ‘asking friends for help’. Please please continue in that vein.

Would like to see my gladelings reflect what they look like after ‘working out’ and having gear added to them, while they are in the their glade. Would like to have more interaction with my gladelings – point and click movement to the game.

Would like to be able to help my neighbors vice stealing (er, picking their fruit) as my primary option…will see what future quests hold.

Would like to have more social interaction with my friends…at least an email function, but would prefer that if they are in game, then if I visit them their glade we could chat. That probably would require my gladeling actually visiting their glades…

Love that I can make things (though I’ve not done anything yet…trying to be patient as the quests hopefully will guide me through these things).

I’m one of the Faunasphere refugees who is continuing to look for an adequate new home now that our beloved game was closed last month. This one has potential since with the quest based game, there are similarities there…

Oh, another point…for the quests (it’s an issue in other games as well), if a person has already completed the quest before getting the quest presented to them…could there be something that registers that the quest has been completed, instead of making us do it again? I suspect the first quest to get my gladeling’s feet to the next level was intended to be from level 1 to level 2…but since I already had him at level 2 due to some proactive exercise, I had to get him to level 3 to complete the quest…in this case it was a minor annoyance, but suspect for later quests it could be more challenging to complete the quests.

I’m sure you folks already know about the load times as the game is transitioning from location to location. With more players, this will need to be improved or the game will bog down to a crawl.

Again, it has a lot of promise, and really enjoying how different it is from the other FB games. Keep up the great work! Look forward to watching it grow! 🙂

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