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Global Agenda

Global Agenda

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Hi-Rez Studios
Developer:  Hi-Rez Studios
Genre:  Shooter

Global Agenda, an action-packed multiplayer shooter, is known for its fast-paced battles and rich role-playing elements. Now this game is transformed into a F2P MMO. If you are not familiar with Global Agenda, follow us to gain a sneak peek before you rush into the world.

Hi-Rez, the developer behind Tribes: Ascend and SMITE, provides an elaborate background story for this MMORPG. But in fact, the story plays no role at all! Global Agenda is, in essence, a multiplayer action game which naturally unfolds its dramatic depth like a novel. All you need to know is that you will be dragged into stirring wars against high-tech agents. Actually, you are one of them.


Similar to other online role-playing games, Global Agenda starts with character creation. At the beginning, you select a class from four options, including Assault, Recon, Medic, and Robotics. Then you customize a class character with some limited choices. After everything is settled, you will be guided through a quite tedious tutorial which introduces the basics of the game to you. Pretty soon, you can enter into the core of the game. You are landed in the ugly central city of Global Agenda where you can take orders from NPC quests givers. The world is not a seamless wonderland; on the country, there is a multitude of instanced yet insular arenas waiting to be explored.

In this fantasy world, you can choose to duel with a human opponent (PvP) or fight against hordes of AI-controlled enemies (PvE). And you will never travel alone in the vast wilderness because esprit de corps is valued greatly in this game. If the healer is sleeping around, the whole group will soon go to the ground. Therefore, dereliction of duty is intolerable in a team, and you must be responsible for everyone in your group. As for the PvE combat, you will get bored pretty soon because battles against computer opponents are not accompanied by rich and engaging storyline. What’s worse, the gaming environments tend to be dull and repetitive.

Fortunately, the PvP battles still hold much fascination. The checkpoint battles are usually fast-paced and thrilling. Besides, you can also engage in frantic dogfights and jump with your jetpack through the air.

The Role-Playing Elements

As a reward for successfully defeating your enemies, you can get money and experience which can be invested to improve your talents or purchase new equipment. Each level-up will also bring some new items. You should understand that some objects only serve a decorative purpose, such as exquisite helmets and fabulous armors. But the weapons will greatly influence your capacity and power in upcoming quests. And different class has access to a different set of weapons. As usual, it is also possible to lay hands on advanced upgrades by raiding your opponents.

The most unique feature of Global Agenda is that high-level players do not have a tremendous advantage over newcomers. What really matters in the fantasy world is your ability rather than your level.

Monthly Fees and Conquest Mode

Though the game has been adapted to a F2P title, you can still spend some money so as to outperform other players. Having downloaded the game via Steam, you can choose to pay an additional monthly fee which will give you many advantages like more valuable upgrades. In addition, only paying players can participate in the Conquest Mode that allows players to join in massive PvP guild battles and conquer new territories. Though it is an interesting idea, you can still choose to play the game without spending a dime. As far as I can see, the majority of the game’s content is accessible to us for free.

Furthermore, Global Agenda also incorporates many strategy elements, such as harvesting resources, constructing buildings and providing equipment for your soldiers.

Patch Plans

The developer is currently working on patch 1.3 which will enrich the content of Global Agenda by adding two extensive outdoor areas where you can join in PvE battles. One of them, however, is only accessible when you have paid the monthly fee.

Inspection Visit to Free2Play Conversion

About a year ago, we tested Global Agenda and were awarded with respectable 70 rating points. This game is a blend of fast-paced multiplayer battles, pleasing graphical appearance and motivating role-playing systems. Back then, you had to buy Global Agenda, but now, it is free to play. The basic version can be downloaded for free, and players can buy some advantages with real money, such as special outfits and useful power-ups which can cost you from $ 8 to $ 30. And die-hard fans can spend an additional $ 20 to ascend permanently to “elite” warriors who will enjoy a whole lot of edges.

At the core, this Free2Play version still adheres to its predecessor in almost all aspects. You can take your avatar to join in extremely rapid and long-distance battles. And paid benefits will hardly affect the balance, because the four classes are matched excellently. Sometimes, you will also be challenged by some strong players during fast-paced PvP skirmishes. Sometimes, you will have to go through a hard time when two mutually hostile teams are experiencing a critical moment in battlefields.

As aforementioned, PvE battles against NPC enemies are utterly boring, unless you take part in one of the most thrilling raid battles where you fight against hordes of AI-controlled monsters or your fellow-attackers. Moreover, there is a guild war mode in which players can form strong alliances, make cunning strategies, conquer neighboring provinces, erect fortified buildings, and even craft intricate vehicles. Global Agenda offers so many diverse features in its Free2Play package that it is definitely a game which you should never let slip by.

Editor’s Conclusion:

Generally speaking, Global Agenda is one of the games with which you can spend a whole day. But at the beginning, I was disturbed by the dreary levels, the lame PvE missions and the sterile atmosphere. And then at some point, I was charmed by its role-playing elements. To be honest, it is fun to improve my talents and to indulge myself in frantic team battles. The same also applies to the entertaining raids and tremendous guild wars. There is no doubt that Global Agenda will stand out from the existing F2P games and appeal to a large audience.

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