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Global Warfare

Global Warfare

Release Date:  2011/4
Publisher:  Kabam
Developer:  Kabam
Genre:  Strategy

Global Warfare is a Facebook warfare game where you can build powerful cities, form alliances and conquer the world. You need to build up your resource fields to help further your expansion Research technology to improve your resources, troops and more. Complete Missions to establish a well-balanced city and Join an Alliance and help conquer strategic resources to access powerful weapons. Win prizes now by playing Daily Air Drop! Play once a day for free, or purchase tokens to win more.

It is also available at Google Plus.


If you are a hardcore gamer who also enjoys social games on Facebook, you may relish Kabam’s new works titled Global Warfare that is acclaimed to be a Facebook game with rarely deep and complex strategic gameplay. Yet first of all, you must be willing to invest some money, which is the only shortcut to access to the engaging core of it.

Seldom have any other strategy games had such an irritating city-building grind as employed in Global Warfare. Not only are you limited to construct one single building at a time, you also suffer the extremely long wait for the completion of build or upgrade. To top it off, such time-consuming design does not happen to structures of high level, as usually do in most city-building simulation; instead, it emerges as early as in the very beginning when you start to upgrade the Headquarter from Level 1 to 2. Guess what? It takes half an hour, if not applied with accelerating items. As thus, you can assume by the rule of thumb how long it takes to proceed to the depth of innovative crafting system, strategic combat and other engaging features in it, however highly-thought they are.

Yet the coin flips to the other side, if you are a willing paying gamer who deems money is no object. You may cheer for its diversity that is shown in much more playable elements than the common strategy games normally contain.

Spared from the grinding suffering, premium players can quickly set up a large city that has various needy structures right in place for specific purposes in the downtown and four types of mines generating resources of food, oil, steel and stone in full throttle in the field. City fledged, the build of a strong army rises up to the priority, for the intense multi-player combat defines the soul of the game.

Rather than solo fight or small crossfire, Global Warfare really lives up to its own name with its large scale of guild war that involves about one hundred players to engage in battles for control of rare/key resources (including Titanium, Graphene and Uranium) and territories. Unlike the common resources, rare ones that are materials to forge key defense and weapon spawn at random locations, which all the more entails higher requirement in strategy and diplomacy among players. Characteristic with a Rock-Paper-Scissors fashion, the balanced combat makes it possible for strategists to show off their talents in deploying the right combination of infantry, armored and air units. For instance, to overrule the rival infantry troops, you’d better send out Tanks, which in turn risk fiasco if your opponents dispatch Aircrafts.

To conquer territories and terrorist camps, you can harvest and then craft resources and artifacts collected there to create in the R&D center new items that may take enemies by surprise in the combat. Moreover, if strategic resource map tiles are seized, you will be able to build special combat troops.

To put it simply, Build, Fight and Craft are the three pillars that support the great edifice of Global Warfare, whose door opens for those paying for the admission fee.


Global Warfare has taken the Old fashion feel of Kingdoms of Camelot, and Glory of Rome appealing to people who like Modernized Warfare. The makers (Kabam) really care about the players of their games. Taking the time to make patches, and fix things they only continue to expand their Massive multiplayer network.

However, Global Warfare is nothing but a reborn version of those already published strategy online games such as Dragons of Atlantis, Kingdoms of Camelot, EdgeWorld and Samurai Dynasty.

To be honest, Global Warfare takes a lot on what Browser game Evony and Age of Empires tell and even you will have to speed a lot of money to get anywhere in the game. For example if your troops die in combat you have to spend a bit of money to heal them. You have to have energy to send your troops out with a general which may take  a week to reach the target. Of course, you can spend money to boost your troops speed.

It is understandable that you need money enough to run games so that players could play the game smoothly and get new updates every week, but people only spend money on a game they like, rather than a game that they have to spend money on. The game still does have some flaws with the mechanics of the game.  For example, when you are attacking a terrorist camp level 2 there are only 50 infantry. And say you send 200 infantry, 200 snipers, and 5 tanks. You will lose at least 50 infantry and 5 tanks.

It is also necessary for you to make money to hire more Chinese talents in order to copy other Chinese strategy games. But from my investigation, you are just employing the old-fashioned Three Kingdom Online codes to make your games possible.  That is why you set your office in China!

It is time to innovate your ideas and create a gaming mode. Remember no originality, no success! Although some Facebook users are addictive in this game after 5 minutes, they will quit the game sooner or later once they found it nothing but a money-grabbing machine.

It is in time that you copied Samurai Dynasty using the same code. tomorrow, are you going to churn out Kung Fu Dynasty, Transformers online Kingdom, Caesar Empire ? How about my idea to create a game with the same code, yet set in different culture?

Facebook app: http://apps.facebook.com/globalwarfaregame/

18 Comments on Global Warfare


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  8. asdasd says:

    can we get a stats chart on units

  9. Gerald Klingler says:

    Is there any maps available, with current members within a specific domain?

  10. Coyote says:

    I started this game after playing Strategems and Dawn of Nations for a number of months. I was attracted to the modern looking weaponry vs. the WW2 settings of the other two. But as I quickly found out, GW is barely fit to be a primer for the others of this genre. The are no player controls on the battlefield, no detailed after battle reports. You can't adjust production levels, dismiss troops., scale down buildings. I really can't see anyone who's played other games will stick with this one very long unless they're age ten or younger, with access to a credit card.
    It's shortcomings are just too numerous to list. It sucks!

  11. Izations says:

    The game, when it is running, is a good game. There's enough going on to keep one busy and occupied… from researching to structural upgrades, to troop and defensive training, harvesting, resource management… likewise, there is an impressive amount of stuff to do combat wise, albeit it's more or less conquering other territories, but will yield additional resources for your continued growth. Oh, and let's not forget you (as of right now) can build up to four cities, each with their own unique characteristics.

    BUT, I did say when the game is running. This system has been plagued with terrible connectivity issues, and doesn't seem to be getting better, but rather worse. When the system is down, expect to be offline for most of the day, at least. This in itself isn't bad, considering this is a free game, but when you have other players who have been able to connect… when you have an upkeep cost which is rapidly dwindling down to nothing and you cannot gather more resources… when you have a player attacking your bases and you can do nothing to strike back… it gets frustrating. You can always submit a service ticket, but in order to access it, you have to be in-game… but if you were in-game, you wouldn't need a service ticket, would you?

    Technical support responses tend to fall into the same groups: switch your browser, clear your cache, refresh. NEVER does the fault lay within their systems, at least not until several hundred dozen reports come in stating the same problem. Only after five hours does Kabam acknowledge that there is an issue, and then expect a few more hours until it is resolved.

    Lastly, when these issues do occur, there seldom is any type of compensation for the players. You may get an apology within the forums, but that is it. The latest Kabam failure, October 29 2011, saw a nice return to the players. Well, some of the players. Most haven't received the apology gifts by the date of this writing (November 2 2011). And guess what? The system is down again…

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  13. sorin says:

    the game is now down.
    looks like there has been someone that got into their servers or so.
    hope my creditcard data is safe.

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