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Glory of Gods

Glory of Gods

Release Date:  December 3, 2012
Publisher:  Boyojoy
Developer:  Boyojoy
Genre:  MMORPG

Glory of Gods is a 2D fantasy style MMORPG developed by Boyojoy, which publishes games such as Clash of Olympus, and Call of Gods.  Released for web browsers, it requires no download to run the game. The closed beta of the game was launched on September 27, 2012.

In the game, the player control one of four class characters – Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Priest – as he or she makes his or her way around the sky city and areas of different instances to battle against monsters / Gods, earn rewards, learn skills as well as make friends with players across the world. In addition, the player is also able to create or join a Guild, and Guild leader can declare war against another guilds.


Not long ago, many of us marveled at the impressive manner in which IGG crafted and fashioned Wings of Destiny, a fantasy 2D MMORPG that we can play on web browsers without download and installation. The game wraps up a host of features of what makes a client MMO amazing, simply offering a familiar experience of MMORPG, yet with handy and user-friendly controls.

Now comes Glory of Gods. It plays a bit like the browser game Lost Titans.

Glory of Gods rings a bell in the mind of all those who ever played Wings of Destiny, Soul of Guardian and the like.

In a medieval fantasy world, players will battle monsters and villains, explore dungeons, pass tests, team up with others, kill the bosses and obtain the experience for upgrades and the superior weapons and armors to improve their power and competence.

The world has got a few places and players will often travel very far to accept or complete a quest. It is easy to get confused about where to go and how to get there. Fortunately the game adopts an automatic navigating system which works in all the maps except in dungeons and instance maps.

The game, however, doesn’t make the combat automatic and players will always have to click monsters and enemies themselves and unleash the attack rather than just accept and turn in quests. And thanks to that, the game doesn’t merely pit players in endless enhancement of weapons and armors. Instead, it offers something beyond automatic navigating and combating.

Although the game attempts to tell a different story, which puts players in the pursuit of a career that would ultimately turn them into virtual gods, the game experience differs from that of those hero-themed MMORPGs only in the skill system. Apparently, players, no matter they are warriors, rogues, mages or priests, will always have to challenge the NPCs of various ranks to obtain the titles (or positions) and to fetch the skill books so as to unlock new skills.

And you’d better think twice before you equip your character with the skills it has learned. I chose to be a priest and the skills I’ve obtained are classified into two types and I can further select to be a healer or a discipline. When it comes to killing monsters and enemies on one’s own, it would be wise to equip those skills of the discipline, which focus on magical attacks, and when he or she enters the dungeon map with other players, it is advisable to bring the support skills that could help the whole team survive the powerful attacks from the bosses and minions.

Sadly, Glory of Gods fails to offer tutorials or tips detailed enough to guide players through the initial process. For example, after I acquired four skills, I didn’t understand why I could not equip them all until other players told me about it. The fantasy world is diversified and all the places has its own styles, but the pictures are no better than those blurry ones in most MMORPGs of Chinese origin and it can be worse when multiple players are displayed on the interface, in which case both NPCs and players’ characters are in the form of shadows.

And basically, Glory of Gods is a game one can easily pick up and make progress, because almost all the concepts are familiar. But this title can hardly hold gamers with its used gameplay and lousy pictures.

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