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Gnome Town

Gnome Town

Release Date:  2011/7
Publisher:  Playdom
Developer:  Playdom

It seems like that man in real life is not alone with the desire to stay far from the rat race in urban life, which is also the dream of a cute gnome in the virtual world of Gnome Town. Hearing so much pleasant remarks about the delightful life in the forest, a lovely gnome in the city decides to pursue a new life in the woods. However, once settled, the little creature finds its dream shattered into pieces, for a wicked Gnome King has ascended the ruling position. Even as a new member here, the little gnome will brave the plight and do what it can to save the forest. What will it do? Or rather, what will you do, since you will be the very little gnome in Gnome Town?

Gnome Town, Playdom’s new social game released in Facebook, is developed on the basic gameplay of the city-building and farm management genre that includes the traditional gathering resources, unlocking facilities level after level and growing a prosperous functioning town, etc. Although this game is set against a heroic back story, in which the little gnome shoulders the responsibility to defeat the evil king, the core contents, however, focus on the town construction part, except the in-game design about the animal helpers that may be the in-depth development of the back story. To be more specific, players will be able to save a great variety of animals locked in certain objects in the game, and once players clear that space and unlock the associated animal out, the animal will become helpers in multiple chores, which will definitely speed up the level-up rate. By conducting various activities, players will be rewarded with in-game coins, which in turn can be spent on beautifying and improving the town.

While the major contents in this game are familiar to city-building fans, Gnome Town excludes the usual Energy design generally used for shortening construction time or similar activities. So accordingly, players are spared from waiting for the energy recharged or squandering money for its purchasing. Besides, the expansion of the town can not be bought by money. Hence a relatively fairer playing environment for players who would not like buying speed-up or whatever.

Besides the basic gameplay, the artistic design and satisfactory soundtrack also make their contribution to the game’s ever-increasing popularity. At present, it boasts an inspiring number of active players over thirty thousand odd on daily basis. Will you join them?

105 Comments on Gnome Town


  1. therese says:

    Playdom please create game on playdom.com and not just on facebook!

  2. carla says:

    can you tell me why i cant cilck on staff?????

  3. pblevins60 says:

    Does anyone know of a list of people who would want to be friends in Gnome Town?

  4. leah says:

    does anyone know how to get more machetes? i cant do anymore of my quests because i have none, now i'm stuck with nothing to do!! help!!

  5. tom says:

    need friends plz add me

  6. sol says:

    need neighbors add my fb name pls : sol gonzales

  7. Patrizia says:

    PLEASE HELP ! My 6 free helpers are gone and so is
    my land and the houses that I built! WHAT IS HAPPENED????

  8. surfergirl says:

    Good day i am level 44 i level but get nothing released my market only goes up to level 40 why

  9. frances kuehne says:

    why do people ask to b ur friends and dont reply if u really need friends

  10. Arthur says:

    am not getting machetes or gold when I level up and have not gotten daily bonus the entire time I have been playing. Play every day 3 or 4 times a day. does anyone know what the problem is

  11. Jessica key says:

    I need neighbors i dont no many people that play

  12. Anjell says:

    does anyone know how many pieces of metal it takes to make a machete?…I have 17 pieces and can't make one!!

  13. lorraine westlake says:

    i need neighbours would you please add me thank you x

  14. pauline says:

    Join me in gnome town need more neighbors plz add me !!! on facebook pauline mata

  15. moonrasa says:

    for a quest i had to find the locket and clean it, i did that, and then it said to investigate it, but its disappeared…??

  16. Scott says:

    Where do get the lanterns needed for the Gnome Fortress?

  17. tchampion4@yahoo.com says:

    i wont to play help me get in

  18. tammy says:

    i want to play

  19. Rachael Ruiz says:

    I need neighbors my name is Rachael Ruiz and I am wearing a grey and white stripped shirt. I have tried to add a few people on here but there are people with the same names and i want friends for gnome town so i dont want to add 5 of the same name. I go on my game 2-3 times a day i will accept and add quickly.

  20. lorraine westlake says:

    i need neighbours please,love the game play daily thank you

  21. lor says:

    Why did you take away staff button, put it back now

  22. Karen says:

    I am at level 50 & it says I am maxed out…is 50 the highest level? I want to keep playing, love this game!

  23. Karen says:

    I also am Not receiving the daily bonus, my friend gets hers daily…I play daily & have not got any! Please help!

  24. janice says:

    i have a halloween goal and to finish it i have to buy 10 lil head stones but they are not on the buy menu any more …..does any one know what i should do to finish it ?

  25. Renee says:

    I got to level 40 and every one of my buildings vanished. My crops vanished. I'm in an empty spot and all my critters are gone too. What happened?!!! Nothing but the gnome and grass. All my hard work for nothing!!!

  26. Robin says:

    I need more friends to staff and to send gifts too add me.

  27. tabitha says:

    I absolutely love this game and my laptop just recently stopped working but I still wanna play my game, are you planning on possibly making this game an app??? I would really enjoy it I don’t play a bunch of games but I have quite a fondness for this particular one. Or do u already have an app for this game???

  28. Rita says:

    please add me

  29. jude says:

    it should be simpler to get machetes as not all people have credit cards to buy, or to buy gold, or make it simpler to get gold make it for every 20 piles of leaves you get 1 piece of gold so we can get machetes at the moment it takes 2 days to get 1 and it takes 10 pieces of silver, please simplify things not all of us have friends that can send all the time, when i need to staff a building i can only ask for staff once and if i don't get the staff all in one hit i can't ask for more. so that building is then no good to me.

  30. sally says:

    I ws at level 59 and facebook won't let me in anymore because I refuse to give them a mobile phone number….

  31. cabalD says:

    does anyone know if they are working on the issue of people not receiving gifts/message? its been over 2 weeks and i was getting them a lot. anyone know who i contact for this?

  32. Tabitha says:

    would anyone like to be my neighbor on gnome town.. if so hit me 🙂 please

  33. letha says:

    i need neighbor in gnome town

  34. Carol says:

    Hi I play Gnome Town everyday and I need more friends. My name is Carol Popple

  35. kristal says:

    please how do i nadd people to pay this game with me if facebook is trippin abpout who i do and dont know

  36. kristal says:

    add sorry

  37. kirsty says:

    can anyone help me with a quest, how do I reveal the academy secret?

  38. Dawn says:

    Could someone please tell me if there is something we are suppose to do for the sick Gnome Knight?

  39. michelle says:

    i have a qwest that the king has arrived and to talk to him but he's not here…its been weeks. how do i find him?

  40. burnsshawndra says:

    Pleassseee add me to gnometown, I play a couple times a week. Thanks 🙂

  41. rachel says:

    y cant i play gnome town i can do everything but play the actual game??

  42. Maria says:

    I need more neighbours! My name is Maria Bromwich and I am sharing my profile pic with my dog:) I've tried adding for some of the people looking for neighbours here, but some share their name with a lot of other people! If you do decide to add me, please put 'Gnome Town' in the message line. Thanks:)

  43. Joanne says:

    I just started playing these kind of games but I need neighbours and friends please help me

  44. phyllis wilson says:

    i just started gnome town and i really need help with neighbors,please add me i've been playing everyday but i cant get anywhere with out friends

  45. eileen leef says:

    Anyone know the name of all the gnomes?

  46. jamie cowley says:

    my name is sugerplum jamie cowley if u need a friend on yr gmonetown look me up and say u need a friend and i will help u

  47. kim astacio says:

    add me kimastacio Kim Astacio

  48. Nancy says:

    Why can't I ask my friends for purple and yellow jelly beans. Can't finish the quest if I can't get the beans. There is not a tab for asking friends anymore.

  49. Dorene says:

    Please add me for Gnome Town. Dorene Stout Libertor

  50. Anne Fillator says:

    Why Can't i send or receive gifts?

  51. mazchiment says:

    i have a problem with the new torii gate there is a forge there but it is put under the large farm house .it needs to be put somewhere so we can use it .don't know how to get this fixed .

  52. Nichola says:

    I have just started playing this game today and there is NOTHING i can do, it does not give me any options to do anything!!

  53. would love to add some neighbors who play everday. https://www.facebook.com/cherie.lovell

    If you are looking for neighbors, I think post your direct FB page link instead of your name here – as I've tried to type in several peoples names but come up with 5-10 for that name (even if you describe your photo).

  54. sunshinelady1007 says:

    i also cant recieve messages in gnome town.i can send but not recieve.hope this is fixed soon .i love this game too.

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