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Go Fishing

Go Fishing

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Go Games
Developer:  Go Games
Genre:  Simulation

Go Fishing is a Facebook game where you are a fisherman to catch fishes by choosing different fishing equipment, using lures and baits, and completing missions.


You know exactly what to expect from Go Fishing the moment you see its title – everything you do is go fishing.

In a picturesque scene, you click Cast to cast the rod, wait until the float goes up and down, and click Strike. The fish will go away with your bait unless click Strike in time. Having clicked Strike, a bar appears near bottom, which, divided into three zones, displays the force applied on your rod. If you hold Pull, the force will increase and the yellow fish icon above the bar will go left; and if you release it, the force will decrease as the fish icon will go right. Keep holding and releasing Pull button while ensuring the yellow small fish icon goes all the way to the left side of the bar. In that way, you will probably add a pinfish, a roach, or something else in the inventory. You’d better keep the force in the middle zone of the bar since when it reaches the red zone on the right, your rod can be overloaded, causing escape of the fish or breakage of your tackle. There is only one button actually involved in the whole process of fishing but it changes its name to Cast, Strike or Pull when necessary.

At the beginning of each level, you have several quests, according to which you will sell fishes of specified class or in specified number. The experience points obtained from those quests are far from enough for a level up. Fishing is the only way to earn the dozens of or even hundreds of experience points.

Aside from fishing, you can also sell your catches and use the money to buy baits, floats, hooks, lines, rods, outfits, equipment, food, vehicles, boats, and even houses, all of which come in wide range of varieties and functions: Salmon Boilies, a type of bait you could buy with pearls, or the currency directly connected to real money, is dedicated for attracting Salmons; the Premium Rod at the price of 10 pearls excels at catching fishes of 20 kg; Fried Fish gives 5 energy; and the Go Hat just looks cool and is useless otherwise.

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With Go Fishing’s unique theme, detailed graphics, comprehensive design, and fishing from time to time, you will find the only problem here is you can’t have all those fish for your meals in real life.

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