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Goal United

Goal United

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Travian Games GmbH
Developer:  northworks Software GmbH
Genre:  Sports

Goal United is free-to play, browser-based football manager simulator published by Travian Games behind Battlemons, and Remanum. The primary goal of the game is to manage your soccer team well so that it may reach the first place in the league after the tournament and matches.

When you watch an exciting football match in a magnificent stadium, you may wonder how can the whole game exceed so smoothly, the field well maintained, and the players’ body strongly built? These are all attributed to the hard job of football managers. Here, you must have keen curious about their work in real-time. In Goal United, the most mysterious and detailed work of football managers is unfolded before you have the chance to simulate the whole process all by yourself. It is fabulous, yeah?

Innovative graphics create a complex playing environment, yet maintain simple playability. Whereas it is up to you to keep all the aspects in sight at all times. The road to success, of course, is long and bumpy.

As a manager in Goal United, you need to do all the work which is done by a manager in the real world. First you should train your players well and ensure that they have enough energy through extensive training. Besides training, of course, a good strategy is also vital to success. It is advisable to train your players individually and in different ways. Another aspect of management is all the more noteworthy, and that is the finance. As we all know, players and a well-maintained stadium cost money. So you have to find reliable sponsors who pay you weekly and give you enough money for successful matches.

In Goal United, the number of spectators should also be ensured, since the entrance fee is a handsome source of income. Surely, for a layman, the game designer is so considerate as to provide some tips and cards for you to manage your team in an easier way. There are proper solutions if you want a successful player to make a long-term commitment to your team, if one of your players is bruised and an important match is coming up, and if a player needs to work on his endurance.

Anyway, Goal United is an extensive game, so scratching on the surface is far from enough. In Goal United, it is your cup, and your league. A lot of work is waiting for you. But once you set out to play the game, you will find everything is rewarding.

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