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Goblin Keeper

Goblin Keeper

Release Date:  November 25, 2012
Publisher:  GameForge
Developer:  Night Owl Games
Genre:  Strategy

Goblin Keeper, also known as Dungeon Overlord launched for Facebook, is a browser-based strategy game developed by Night Owl Games and published by Gameforge for the German market.

It was firstly launched early 2011 under the title “Dungeon Overlord”, available on the Facebook social Network site and Kongregate. In November 2012, the game is officially published by Germany-based GameForge, widely known for publishing Aion-Free-to-Play, Ikariam and RaiderZ.

In Goblin Keeper, players must build their own dungeon and exact revenge on their nemesis by training troops such as Goblins, Orcs, Warlocks and Ogres.  Your goal is to transform the underworld sanctuary into a dungeon fortress to be feared by all those who live both above and below the surface.


Goblin Keeper may blow you away with its beautifully designed artwork and  detailed character paintings. But it ends up being a dungeon builder – a game that requires you to build buildings at the underworld, collect resources, and train a powerful army to battle against other players.

Goblin Keeper might not be the engaging strategy title or the one you are not familiar with. But it is the most enticing strategy browser game you’ve ever seen.

The game sets all the base management inside dungeons. And players will own dungeons where they will deploy various tiles to build all the resource structures and other function places. One has to construct, build, and manage all those structures. And they need goblins, warlocks, and the like to do all the work for them.

The recruiting system in Goblin Keeper is very unique. You don’t use gold to purchase workforce or build cottages to increase the population. You expand your den, and craft the specific beds to invite workers of different kinds. For example, with coarse mats in your den, you are going to attract orcs.

And those monsters you attract not just construct buildings or mine crystals, monsters of certain kinds are inborn fighters. And with their help, you will be able to occupy dungeons and raid enemies after sending goblins to survey unclaimed dungeons or checking the competence of your enemies.

Goblin Keeper developers spare no effort in working on the details of the management and all the other preparations for battle, though never providing details about the battles themselves. When it comes to combat, all you can do is just select a target and click to occupy the dungeon or to attack the enemy. After that, the troops you assign will march there, battle enemies and return to your dungeon. That process takes time and you’d better take the distance and time into consideration.

Graphics in the game are entertaining. For example, goblins who mine crystal or iron would have picks above their heads waving in the way they do when mine workers use them. When you click a tile of the farm or the mine, all the resources that have been produced there would be wrapped up in a parcel and a goblin would rush there and deliver the parcel to your storage room. And the best thing would be you manage all these dungeons where magma flows just below all the tiles, which makes the experience more like creating a dangerous place rather than just constructing a few buildings on the grassland.

However, the game still disappoints sometimes. Although quests are divided into several categories and are unlocked after you complete relevant ones. Before long, you will find dozens of quests available in the task window. And there are no tips recommending any proper sequence for doing the quests. As a result, you will find yourself unable to complete a quest before you realize it would be better that you implement some other quests first.

Players are going to occupy multiple dungeons and therefore will constantly visit different dungeons and travel to other maps to attack enemies and claim dungeons, and the scene switching causes problems in most of those cases. Sometimes the loading page just freezes and you have to refresh the web page; in other cases, the task button near the left top just flashes in the same way as it does when you complete a quest. However, the fact is, you haven’t completed any goal and hence cannot claim any reward whatsoever.

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