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Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Heatwave Interactive, Inc.
Developer:  Heatwave Interactive, Inc.
Genre:  RPG

History and stories that reveal to us the tip of the iceberg about ancient times are always inspiring us for more with insatiable curiosity. Mythologies record myriads of compelling lore, such as the ox-headed Minotaur trapped in the labyrinth, the Goddess of Revenge Furies as well as snake-haired Medusa who can turn whoever sees her into stone. Can you imagine what will become of when these mythological figures and other heroes and gods are materialized into ancient Rome in about 300 BC? What kind of spark will there be when mythology and history melts together? Well, the answer can be found in God & Heroes: Rome Rising.

God & Heroes: Rome Rising is a MMORPG that is first developed by Perpetual Entertainment and then took over by Heatwave Interactive. It is set against the background of ancient Rome where gods, heroes, monsters and semi-gods in mythology are seizing their own territories on the map and battling to defend their claim. Players will take up the role of immortal humans who stretch themselves to tap their full potential and learn to master great powers under the wing of different gods. In this game, there are all together twelve gods, protectors for human race, that are distributed evenly to the six classes listed as Warrior, Gladiator, Rouge, Scout, Priest and Healer. Player-controlled avatar of each class can choose one from two gods as protectors and worship the corresponding pantheon. For instance, Warriors can put into pedestal Minerva or Mars; Gladiators can pay homage for Fortuna or Jupiter; while Priests can prostrate themselves in worship before Juno or Pluto. The choice of worshiping gods will determine series of attributes of players’ avatars, including the god-related powers and abilities as well as the quests and storylines in the game. for those who worship and ally with Mars, the God of War, for example, they may be entrusted with the quest to venture into Medusa’s lair in crocodile-lurking isle, battle against her and bring her head back to the pantheon as sacrifice. Under the protection of different gods, players can take their unique quests and relish special storylines.

In addition to different gods and quests, a wide range of minions are another feature that makes this game enjoyable. Over 130 types of minions are available by different ways to collect. Players can pay to hire minions to serve their camp, win minions as rewards through successful completion of quests, or earn minions by simply defeating them in combat. Once won, minions will assist in combat to serve different purposes ranging from warriors, to ranged attackers and to casters. Besides, different gods will be able to generate their own minions to join the camp and help in battle.

This game depicts a mythological Rome, in which players can take their own Destiny-Fulfilling Epic Quest and create their own destiny in the embrace of a god.

Official website http://godsandheroes.com/

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