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Gods Rush

Gods Rush

Release Date:  Nov. 10, 2014
Publisher:  IGG
Developer:  IGG
Genre:  RPG

Gods Rush, released for Android devices last October, is a mobile tactical RPG that takes you and a band of heroes and deities back into mythological times in the heart of ancient Greece. Developed by IGG, the game is free to play, and its iOS version is slated for release soon.

As an RPG, Gods Rush centers around gathering a party of classic figures from Greek myths, allowing you to play characters ranging from heroes like Achilles, to gods like Poseidon and Zeus, along with beast like Cerberus and Ladon. You will have to train and level them up to face the evils recently unleashed upon the world by Pandora’s Box.

An interesting part of the game is actually in its writing – every bit of dialogue and flavor text has a touch of humor to it, making it an enjoyable read as you go through the story. It makes the game a lot more interesting when you read that a particular piece of armor isn’t quite as epic as it’s thought to be.

Graphically, the game opts for a cartoon style that sort of edges on a slightly warped depiction of classic Greek imagery – all the tropes are there, columns, symmetrically curled hair, tridents and the like, but each element has its own flair, giving it a more comical atmosphere than what is usually seen in the setting. This doesn’t take away from the fun though, and opens it up for all ages to enjoy in their own way.

Controls are very straightforward for anyone who’s played any number of recent mobile games. Swiping will rotate the main screen so you can tap on where you want to go, and combat requires the player to tap charged up characters to unleash their super-moves – the timing of which can mean the difference between victory or defeat, especially at higher levels. For easier battles, an “auto” button is available so that you don’t have to worry so much about your enemies – a perfect game to play idly when doing something else, or to really focus on when you have some time to kill.

As far as gameplay goes, this is actually a fun little game to spend a few hours on throughout the day, and I’m still checking in every day since I’ve started playing it last month. The developers are releasing new content regularly, so it makes it quite interesting to follow along and discover what’s new every week. Recommended for anyone seeking a little casual RPG fun on their mobile device.

To download Gods Rush on Google Play, check out the store page here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.igg.android.godsrush_en&hl=en

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  1. Great game!It's a little odd at the outset,yet you get accustomed to it rapidly.It's a fun game that can be played for short measures of time or long measures of time.My one grumbling is that before long every new level is exponentially harder than the last.The pace of the game could be better Recommend to get Gods Rush APK.@Sandra Allen.

  2. Jenifa says:

    Fantastic Gods Rush game.Divine beings Rush is an activity stuffed versatile game that consolidates one of a kind strategic battle with excellent RPG components. Set in the period of old Greece, you lead a cloth label group of immortal saints, beasts, and Gods through threat and onto wonderfulness.All the best!

  3. I at long last got Helen to 85 and 5star as I'm level 90 since I generally see Helen in the high ranks, and I was asking why do individuals use her in like arena?Is she truly that great,her abilities don't appear to do that much harm.Much thanks to you!

    Eleanor Taylor.

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