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Gold Slots

Gold Slots

Release Date:  12/01/2012
Publisher:  6Waves
Developer:  iEvoGames
Genre:  Gamble, Facebook

Gold Slots is a slot machine game on Facebook developed by iEvoGames and published by 6Waves.


Gold Slots deploys the mechanism of multi-line slot machine. Standard slot machines usually have only one straight horizontal payline along which 3 of the same symbols can compose of a winning combination. Instead in Gold Slots, you can activate up to 25 paylines in different zigzag, which greatly increases your potential to win and makes the game or enjoyable and addicting. The more paylines you activate, the more the bet costs and the bigger chances of winning. If Fortune shines upon you, you might win several paylines in a single spin.

There is more to add to the throb of gambling. After winning one or more paylines, you can take a chance to double the money in the Black or Red minigame. The rules are simple. Guess right the color of the unflipped card, and your income will be doubled, but be aware, there is always a risk that you might lose everything if the card flips in the other color.

Back in the Lobby, there are slot machines of various themes. Tutorial walks us to the very first one, Galacticus, the space traveling theme with symbols like spaceman, alien, Saturn, galaxy and meteorite. More themes will be unlocked as you level, including money-oriented Wall Street, luxurious Nightclub, freaky Frankenstein’s Lab and creepy Voodoo Worship.

Known as one-armed bandits, slot machines are notorious for bleeding the gambler white with a single lever. Gold Slots are seemingly trying to save its reputation by equipping the so-called bandits with profitable mini-games. Among the normal symbols in the reels, there sometimes appears a Bonus symbol. 3 or more Bonuses in any succession will trigger the mini game Treasure Hunting.

Keep spinning and you might get the Jackpot, the bonus pool where you and your fellow gamblers’ lost bet goes to. The Jackpot has rocketed from some 2 million to 3 million 5 hours after my first spin. But let’s face the music; do you really think you will be the one walking away with the Jackpot? Instead of crossing my finger for the unrealistic Jackpot, I’d feel more secure to work for my hourly, daily and friends bonus.

Achievement system always catches my attention. The beta version presents altogether 40 Achievements in aspects of inviting friends, sending gift, Coin balance, publishing to Wall, max bet, etc. Each unlock will reward bonus coins. But given my current downwards tendency, I might as well sit on the hourly bonus as try my hands to reach the basic “Balance of 1500 Coins”. And with top achievement requiring 1 million Coins, either you’re the lucky Jackpot winner or a whale Coin buyer.

Tutorial is legible as in font and background colors but lacks instructions and details. Slotomania veterans or casino frequenters might find the gameplay a piece of cake but for first timer like me, a complete guild to how paytable, payline and bet work will be appreciated. The tutorial ended before I realized it, left me perplexed. I have to go through the Community’s Timeline and FAQ to find the answers.

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