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Golden Age

Golden Age

Release Date:  2011
Developer:  Giant Interactive (China)

Once upon a time, there existed a mysterious land, which, the legend says, was paved with Gold everywhere. So many heroes have stepped on this land, eager to hold the hegemony and possess the abundant fortune…


Golden Age (Chinese: 黄金国度) is a free browser game developed by Giant Games behind King of Kings 3, Dragon Soul. The game was originally released in China in April, 2010 and in October 2011, Aeria Games has partnered with Giant Games to bring Golden Age to North America and Latin America.

Golden Age marks the Aeria Game’s ninth try to break into the browser game market, hoping to blaze a trail in this new gaming trend. Does it work well? and How good could it be? From DDtank, to Ministry of War, to Caesary, to Lord of Ages, the company seems to have a strong affection to Chinese browser games. But all of games are developed by Chinese guys, and Aeria Games just buck their games up. Perhaps they just learned how to market Chinese games, rather than master Chinese gaming mechanism.

A cautionary or deterrent example is the partnership between Aeria Games and Heroic Era, which ended up with the forced termination of agreement due to Aeria Games excessive leverage of Search Engine Optimizations. This trick directly leads players to unconsciously accept Aeria Games as an official Caesary developer. By working with Giant Interactive, It may enjoy great popularity in both of company brand and substantial earnings.

Golden Age is all about the city building game where players role play a knight in the medieval era in the struggles for glory and fame. In addition to resources looting, city conquering, territory colonization, war and strategy, it also incorporates RPG element, which allows you to assign a great heroic Knight to conquer the battlefield with his troops. By equipping your Knights with weapons, gears and other upgradable items, you may have a higher chance to win more battles.

It is just a souped-up city building, empire management game no matter what title is given to the game. It’s just an online building game for guys. Three Kingdoms Online Code makes thousands of such games successful. Yes! Giant Games were just tweaking its browser online game Golden Age with basic graphics and character redesign.


For Chinese people, the graphics are slightly different from what they are knowingly accepting because it is not based on Chinese history, but an imaginary mediaeval setting which prevailed in modern game development. For example, City of Wonder, Evony, Grepolis and Tribal Wars. They are all produced based on the widely accepted genre.

For western players, I am not sure if they like the style of semi-Middle-Age and semi fantasy. I used to compare a game with another. When it comes to graphics, I’d prefer to bump up Ministry of War.

Heroes/ Knights:

You should dispatch your troops and a hero to battlefield. After some time, your Inbox will have a notice telling you the Battle Report.  If you win the battle and loot resources, that is pretty good. But if you, more often than not, lose the battle, you will have to upgrade your Epic hero in different attributes such as Strength, HP, and etc.

Alliance System:

Aside from city building elements, the Alliance System has followed what MMORPG delivers such as Title System, Honor system. Besides, one alliance can form and cement relations with other alliances. Once your alliance reaches level 5, you can establish your great Kingdom.

Quest System:

I am not exactly told when ingame quest system is indispensable to MMO and browser game. Actually, all of games are using such system, either to help newbies, or to guide players to pay for their virtual items. Golden Age is no exception, Quest System could help new players to easily get started on the game, which is always deemed the best strategy proceeding. Upon the completion of each quest, players could gain rewards and resources, beneficial to move forward in building more advanced technologies and buildings.

Siege War:

What players are most anticipated system in the final empire development, perhaps, is Siege War because such function keeps players of different alliances hooked and addicted in the game. That is also the largest war in Golden Age.

Overall, Golden Age does not gain too much popularity in China, nor will prove popular in the rest of China. But for initial start of the game, Aeria Games may get some profits from this game. In the long run, they will have to seek to develop an innovative substitute instead of directly buying a licensed copy.

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  11. kyle says:

    how do i delete server 2

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