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Release Date:  June 2012
Publisher:  Vostu
Developer:  Vostu
Genre:  Simulation. Soccer

GolMania is a a real-time arcade-style soccer social game by Vostu, a Brazil-based social gaming company behind games such as Flying Kingdoms and World Mysteries. The game allows players to customize their team players and uniforms, and compete against their Facebook friends in real time.


It is common that many browser games claim that players can challenge each other online. However, when you enter the battle against a friend of yours, you know exactly it is just an AI opponent since your friend is offline sitting right beside you. In GolMania, you won’t be able to challenge a friend unless he or she is connected.

If you don’t have a steady connection, you will certainly suffer loss since it is a real time game. I had a close match, a 4 to 4 tie in the championship before lag occurred and crashed me. I kept switching team members, but nothing happened, and not long after that, my opponent had a clear shot at the wide open gate.

A five-on-five match that lasts 2 minutes, is basically how GolMania goes. Z, X and the four direction keys are for all the movements. With Z, you switch players under your control or pass the ball. With X, you tackle the ball or shoot. It is a violent soccer game, for players are not bound to the rules. Tackle as hard as you can even from the back side and cause your opponent faint to get the ball back. Thanks to the simple rules, the game works pretty much fierce.

However, the dull moves, poor AI reactions alone with the lag add up to a totally unsatisfactory experience. When moving around, it feels like sliding without resistance. And sometimes the ball will be under nobody’s control while AI players won’t make any move, standing still and watching. It is obviously hard to form any defense with your AI team members and thus losing goals is unavoidable between comparable players.

Being able to customize my own team is the most delightful way to me although there are not many combinations. The artwork is not crafted however stylish.

Right now the game is in Beta test, and the store is not open yet. I hope it is worth waiting for the official release. If you are looking for a crazy soccer game with no rules, GolMania perhaps is your choice.

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