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Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire

Release Date:  May 2012
Publisher:  Goodgame Studio
Developer:  Goodgame Studio
Genre:  Strategy

Goodgame Empire is a flash-based strategy game where you role play as a lord in the medieval castle, train soldiers, build a great empire and conquer other new territories.


The simple but lovely graphics and various characters are pure delights. As expected in strategy games, you can build barracks, woodcutters, stone quarries, farmhouses, storage, dwellings, and workshops and then upgrade them. All structures, except for the farmhouses, are made of wood, forming a wooden castle. I am keenly concerned about its vulnerability but still can’t deny that it seems so pretty anyway. It is common that in strategy games or simulation games a bunch of figures appear now and then and walk idly. But that is not the case in Empire where there are these people who do go to the forest for lumbering, the farmland for harvesting and the stone quarry for mining.

Empire incorporates a very intriguing economic system. In order to recruit soldiers, you have to build dwellings for collecting taxes. But as it turns out, the coins obtained in that way are easily outnumbered by your quest rewards. You have this tax collector who offers seven options for levying the tax, each of which comes with revenues of different quantities at different prices. You can choose to select the 10 minute one which rewards you with 10 coins without any cost or you could spend 300 rubies and obtain 576 coins a day later. You have to claim the revenue once the collection is over otherwise the revenue will be lost over time. Or, just bribe the tax collector to keep all revenues no matter how late you are for claiming the revenue. Actually you can also hire overseers to supervise and enhance the efficiency of resource production and collection. For example, an overseer for food could increase the food production by 25% for 7 consecutive days.

Click the world map, click a target castle, and a red Attack button would appear. Click that Attack button, drag the units for the campaign into your desired direction and position in the formation, determine soldier number, and click attack. Your troops will march towards the destination, which sometimes may take several minutes if you haven’t got access to horses. No battle is displayed and only the battle report could inform you of the result. Once finishing a battle, the troops will automatically return to your castle.

You have two workshops in the castle: the siege workshop and the defense shop, which, as the names suggest, allow productions of tools helpful in siege and defense wars respectively, such as the scaling ladder that reduces the wall protection by defenders and the stone-throwing that increases your castle wall protection.

Only one construction slot is available and the construction and upgrade duration grows longer and longer as I progress. At first, quests come one by one and I have to occupy myself otherwise to kill the time. Spending 625 rubies for unlocking a second construction slot only makes me aware that that slot just adds the construction or upgrade in waiting list and doesn’t start it until the first project is complete.

The progression is difficult even if you ignore the long waits. More often than not I find myself without enough stones to build a new facility or to conduct an upgrade. So I built a new stone quarry after being unable to make any progress in the tasks.

Despite the long waiting and not so fascinating combat, Goodgame Empire can still be as good game that you cling to for quite a while.

29 Comments on Goodgame Empire


  1. ME123 says:

    Does anyone know how to increase the number of days that your castle is protected?

  2. :-p says:

    How do you build a stone quarry?

  3. janee says:

    go to construction and build it

  4. janee says:

    anyone want to be sword brothers?

  5. andy says:

    how do you get your barrackes to lv up

  6. arun kumar says:

    how i get cheats of goodgame empire- plz mail to arun7264@gmail.com

  7. josepherohan says:

    josephroanjavascript: showLogin();

  8. hawkeye says:

    how do you get a second castle

  9. FrankyB020 says:

    How do you upgrade your castle wall?

  10. Ninja_12 says:

    I am a fucking beast at this game. : D

  11. creole hammer says:

    the server blows. They have suspended my account, and will not give me a reason. I have had problems with them double charging my credit card. I have tried repeatedly to get answers from them. I'm not the only player that this has happen to. If you think you want to play this game, and you don't believe what I'm telling you , just ask around. I'll bet you a dollar to a dime that half the players have had issues with the server.

  12. robert says:

    I just joined, I have been doubled charged too, I've paid about £70 out… and… THEY'VE SUSPENDED ME FOR NO REASON, SAYING I SHOULD CONTACT CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND I CANT LOG IN TO DO SO – WANKERS – DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hugo123bob says:

    way to addicted just use a cheat engine

  14. robert says:

    hate ths game

  15. robert says:


  16. roberg says:

    i am going to kill myself. my mom got mad because i used 140$ and she took away my laptop mother fucker

  17. david ratchford says:

    I was in level 35 & my son did some thing that now im in level 8 & I cant get back to my old castle I tried my account but it not letting me in my big castle.

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