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Google+ Games Vs Facebook Games, How about Twitter Games?

Aug 22,2011  03:08 by

Eariler this month, Google Plus team announced the opening up of Google Apps, leting game developers connect their games with Google +’s faithful members. The move posed a big challenge to Facebook game business because Google only charged 5% revenue share from the games’ credits while Facebook gains over as much as 30%.

As reported thus far, there have been 20 games in total on Google’s social network, including Diamond Dash, Angry Birds, Dragon Age Legends, Edgeworld and Bejeweled Blitz etc. Many other games will be included in the coming months.

Actually, Google had positioned itself in the game field last year since it rolled out Chrome Web Store.  It helps Jagex, 6Wave, Popcap, Kabam, Playdom and many other social developers to reach more gamers worldwide. However Chrome web store is just a step forward establishing partnership with game developers and the real purpose is Google’s social network, with whichw players can share their favorite games with your friends and compete for the highest score.

“We want to share more experiences with our friends via Google + project,” said Vic Gundotra, senior manager of Google. “We want to go beyond just talking to each other. The experiences we share together are just equally important to our relationships. We want to make it as fun and meaningful to play games online as in real life.”

Similar to Facebook, Google also expects something in return if you want to activate and enter the games. In detail, you have to provide your personal information (including an e-mail address) which may be shared by companies behind the games.

The idea of bringing games to Google + does not conjure up from nowhere. On the contrary, Google has obviously conducted research and analysis on the success of Farmville and the need to establish a social network to casual gamers.

But Facebook does not sit back; instead, it strikes back with new game features. And according to Jared Morgenstern, game product manager of Facebook, there will be an update to the website soon, making it possible to play games in full screen. Moreover, there will be an option to see how many friends are playing the same game and check their scores on Facebook. Before long, gamers will be able to play CityVille, Zoo World, Monster World and Mystery Manor in full screen. It seems that the battle between the two social networking sites is far from over. Wait and see!

This is a war between Facebook and Google! If there is a third party emerging, which company are you expecting? I would say Twitter in no time. 200 million users! What does that mean? Holy Crap! Twitter did nothing when talking about making money.

“Our local twitter Sina WeiBo has more active users than Twitter and even Sina Weibo opens API to game developers, letting them embed their games on Weibo game. “a Chinese netizen said to DoMMO.

It is time! Twitter should do something!

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