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Grace Brown

Grace Brown

Release Date:  July 2012
Publisher:  Viral Games
Developer:  Viral Games
Genre:  hog

Grace Brown is a very interesting online hidden object game for Facebook in which you need to follow the storyline to find the hidden items with patience, carefulness and intelligence because it is full of mysties, challenges, and especially logic. You must use your brain to solve mysteries, or you cannot continue playing the game, except that you are stuck on the original place. Moreover, the game cannot restart from the beginning. The only way to restart is to register another new account.

The main storyline of Grace Brown is based on the magic “Sceptre”. “Professor” and his assistant set out to find the legendary Sceptre, which has great power to destroy the whole world. After they find it, the professor loses his mind and is controlled by the Sceptre, so he takes it away to control cities. Logitcally, you need to do the missions to prevent the professor from damaging cities, and find “ELEMENT” which is the life energy of all plants to give back the world of the Creators. If the professor gets ELEMENT and then use Sceptre to touch it, he will obtain unlimited power to change the world.

The game story is pretty much exciting, matching terrific scenes and background music, which makes the game more attractive. The design of atmosphere is excellent. There is horrible sound over the head all the time. Sometimes there will be a ghost in front of you. You can see that all the cities are swallowed by the plants because of the power of the Sceptre, so each city is lifeless. However, the quality of images is not good and clear. When you find some hidden objects in the image, you will see the pictures are very blurry.

The game is mainly constituted by several logical parts. You will find hidden objects, spot the differences between two pictures, guess riddles and play puzzles, from which you can get some items required. Then, you need to figure out how to use each item logically to unlock other places till you reach the final goal. To be frank, the game is not very difficult. It requires that players have patience and carefulness, thus, you can find all materials. With rescuing one city after another, the difficulties of the game raise too. It not only allows you to find objects, but let you use more intelligence to solve problems.

If you refresh the game, and then enter it again, you are still in the place where you stop. All items you have to find are still here. If you have completed the BETA version, that is the end of the game, because the game just has one version, in which you will save three cities to complete three missions.

If you are expert at finding hidden objets, it appears Grace Brown can’t satisfy you because there are only three missions available at the moment. It is better to have more adventures and missions in the game.

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  1. oregoncowgirl says:

    When are the going to release new adventures?

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